4 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $400 [2024 Update]

4 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $400 [2024 Update]

Hello to our brand-new guide, which will help you locate amazing prices on inflatable paddle boards without going over budget. The days of cheaper prices equated to lower quality are long gone. There are many of inexpensive paddle boards on the market these days that, despite outdated perceptions, function amazingly well and are incredibly durable. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you want to make a big impression this year without breaking the bank. We’re going to get right in and highlight iROCKER’s top picks for the best inflatable paddle boards under $400, which guarantee not only affordability but also quality and dependability. Join us as we explore options that ensure your water adventures are both fun and financially savvy!

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $300

Trying to find affordable, easily handled paddle boards? These are the best low-cost stand up paddle boards that you can find in 2024; you simply must not miss them.

1. NAUTICAL GO TEN-SIX Inflatable Paddle Board

The NAUTICAL GO TEN-SIX from iROCKER is an exceptional option that doesn’t compromise on quality despite its reduced price if you’re looking to get into paddle boarding but don’t want to go over budget. An in-depth look at what makes this stand up inflatable paddle board an essential purchase for novices and cost-conscious paddlers alike is provided below.

Retails only for about $149, is a reasonably priced choice that’s ideal for beginners. Because of its simple, easy-to-use design, it’s perfect for novices or anyone looking for a board that’s easy to operate and stable.

Key Features:

Weight: Lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry and store.

Size: Measures 10’6’’ in length, offering good stability and balance, suitable for children or pets.

Material: Constructed from durable PVC, ensuring longevity and safety on the water.

Paddle Boarding Level: Best suited for newcomers to the sport, providing a forgiving platform to develop confidence.

Performance and Design:

Stability: Excellent stability helps new paddlers master their technique without constant worry about balancing.

Performance: Performs well in calm waters like lakes and gentle streams, not ideal for rough waves.

Design: Available in bright, energetic colors—white, orange, and blue—to enhance visibility and style on the water.

Package Contents: Includes everything needed to get started: a fiberglass or inflatable board, a 3-piece paddle, a leash, a pump, repair kits, and a travel backpack.

The NAUTICAL GO TEN-SIX Inflatable Paddle Board is an affordable and versatile option, perfect for calm water activities. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, making it accessible for most paddlers. However, it’s not suitable for rough waters, and detailed information about its design features is somewhat limited.

The NAUTICAL GO TEN-SIX not only offers affordability but also ensures that new paddlers have a pleasant and safe introduction to paddle boarding. With its comprehensive package and engaging design, it’s an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the water without a hefty investment.

2. NAUTICAL GO CRUISER 10’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board

Priced at $199, it offers great value for its features and is particularly suited for those new to stand up paddle boarding or looking for a multifunctional board. Its stability and size make it ideal for a range of activities, from yoga on the water to leisurely cruises with family.

Key Features:

Weight: Light enough to be easily transported and stored.

Size: Measures 10’6″ long and 34″ wide, providing a stable platform for a variety of activities.

Material: Constructed from military-grade PVC for durability and longevity.

Paddle Boarding Level: Perfect for beginners due to its forgiving nature and stability.

Performance and Design:

Stability: Exceptionally stable, which is great for beginners, yoga enthusiasts, or paddling with kids or pets.

Performance: Optimized for calm water conditions, suitable for leisurely paddling and yoga.

Design: Features a sleek, modern look with attractive color options that stand out on the water.

The package includes a pump, paddle, leash, and repair kit, ensuring you have all the essentials to start your paddling adventure. This comprehensive set makes the NAUTICAL GO CRUISER an ideal option for those looking to enjoy the water with a reliable, attractive, and affordable stand up inflatable paddle board. Just keep in mind, it’s best for calm waters and might get a bit shaky in the rough stuff.

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $400

When you increase your budget a bit, you will have more quality options

1. iROCKER CRUISER 10’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board

The iROCKER CRUISER 10’6″ stand up inflatable paddle board, which retails for $399.99, is a highly desirable and adaptable option that is especially suitable for novices and families. It’s a great option for a range of quiet water activities, from yoga to relaxing sailing with loved ones, thanks to its size and steadiness.

Key Features:

Weight: Lightweight and easily portable, simplifying transportation and storage.

Size: The measurements (10’6″ x 33″) offer a solid platform that’s perfect for beginners and paddlers who have kids or dogs with them.

Material: Made from durable PVC, known for its longevity and safety in water sports equipment.

Paddle Boarding Level: Designed with new paddlers in mind, offering a forgiving experience to build confidence on the water.

Performance and Design:

Stability: Excellent, ensuring a secure and balanced ride for all paddlers.

Performance: Best suited for calm waters, where it delivers a smooth and enjoyable paddling experience.

Design: Available in three vibrant color combinations (white orange, white teal, and blue-white), adding a touch of style to functionality.


Ideal for both beginners and families due to its wide base and tail.

Suitable for multiple passengers, offering spacious room for comfortable paddling.

Includes a comprehensive package with all essential accessories.


Slower than narrower boards, which may affect speed enthusiasts.

The wider design might be cumbersome for those seeking a more agile paddling experience.

Package Contents: The board package typically includes a pump, paddle, leash, repair kit, and depending on the retailer, additional accessories may also be provided.

The iROCKER CRUISER 10’6″ not only offers an affordable entry into paddle boarding but also ensures a quality experience with its comprehensive set of features. Whether you’re exploring quiet lakes or engaging in water-based yoga sessions, this board is built to enhance your paddling adventures without stretching your budget.

2. BLACKFIN MODEL X 10’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board

For those seeking to explore calm to moderate waters, the BLACKFIN MODEL X 10’6″ is a sturdy option, priced at $399.99. For novices and those looking for a dependable partner for a variety of aquatic experiences, its design guarantees stability and ease of usage.

Key Features:

Weight: Constructed to be solid yet manageable, making transportation straightforward.

Size: At 10’6″ long and 35″ wide, it provides ample space and stability, suitable for solo paddlers or those with companions.

Material: Made from military-grade PVC, known for its durability and resilience.

Paddle Boarding Level: Well-suited for beginners and those who enjoy a leisurely pace on the water.

Performance and Design:

Stability: Exceptionally stable, ensuring confidence even for new paddlers.

Performance: Exceptionally efficient and smooth on the water, perfect for exploring peaceful areas and coastlines.

Design: Offers a variety of color options to fit your style, with a sleek and beautiful design.


Excellent stability makes it a safe choice for beginners or relaxed paddling.

Versatile enough for various activities, including yoga and fishing.

Comprehensive package includes all necessary accessories for immediate start.


Not the fastest board on the market, which might not appeal to race enthusiasts.

Package Contents: Includes a carrying bag, repair kit, leash, paddle, and pump—everything you need for a day on the water.

For those who value durability, stability, and adaptability, the BLACKFIN MODEL X 10’6″ Blow up Paddle Board is excellent. This stand-up inflatable paddle board provides a stable and enjoyable experience on the water for both solo and group sports.

Tips for Buying The Best Affordable Paddle Boards

Of course, finding a good paddle board with a cheaper price tag isn’t something you can do, not to mention finding some of the best inflatable paddle boards under $400. I got some major tips for you if you ever want to look for some more affordable yet great for using boards:

Maneuverability vs. Stability: Think about how you like to move on the water. If smooth, stable rides are your thing, prioritize stability. If you love weaving through tight spots, look for a board with great maneuverability.

Construction Quality: Opt for inflatable SUPs built with durable, two-layer military-grade PVC for the best stiffness and longevity. Quality matters more than just the lowest price.

Size and Weight Capacity: Choose a board that fits your body size and weight. Shorter boards are great for maneuverability in rapid waters, though they might lack storage and distance capabilities.

Warranties and Brand Reputation: Always check for a solid warranty that covers material defects and workmanship—this is your peace of mind. Also, buy from reputable brands known for quality and customer service, like iROCKER, to ensure you get a board that lasts and performs well.

Customer Reviews: Don’t forget to skim through online reviews to gauge how well the brand handles customer service and warranty issues.


Finding the best inflatable paddle boards under $400 doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or fun. The boards we’ve discussed provide both durability and excellent performance, proving that great things come in budget-friendly packages. Ready to start your next water adventure with a fantastic, affordable board? Check out iROCKER’s selection of top-rated budget paddle boards and get ready to make a splash without breaking the bank! Dive in and discover the perfect paddle board to keep the fun afloat and your finances intact.

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