Barber Tips: How to Rock the Latest Look

The whole experience of visiting a barber is a painful social experiment for many. They sit in the chair, attempt to explain what they want, watch as it doesn’t go quiet as they were expecting, and then politely say that it looks great at the end. Cue another few weeks of not quite having the style or cut that you want. You want to rock the latest looks, so you need to follow the advice in this guide

Communication is Key

When it comes to getting the perfect haircut, communication is key. Your barber near Scottsdale, AZ may be talented, but mind-reading isn’t in their skillset. So, make sure to clearly express your haircut desires – whether it’s a specific style or length. It’s all about avoiding any hairy situations.

Don’t think that barbers will be offended if you want to show a picture. Your barber will likely breathe a sigh of relief because they literally have something to look at and aim for while cutting your hair. By providing a visual guide, you’ll give your barber a clear roadmap to follow, effortlessly bringing your desired look to life. It’s like giving them a treasure map to the perfect haircut.

Remember, don’t hesitate to speak up during your haircut if something seems off. It’s better to address any concerns right away than to wait until the end, when it’s too late to fix. Barbers are paid to give you the style you want, so don’t be scared of talking. 

Do Your Research

You look at your phone for everything else, so why not when you’re choosing a hairstyle? This will not only make you the trendiest person in town, but it will also be your secret weapon to crack the code of the perfect hairstyle for your face shape and hair type.

Want a fresh haircut? Get some #hairspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. Follow barbers and hairstylists who rock men’s haircuts to see their amazing work and the styles they create. You won’t be disappointed.

Take Care of Your Hair

You can’t fail to look after your hair between hair appointments and expect the barber to work magic every few weeks for the perfect look. A good haircut alone won’t work miracles if you’re neglecting your hair care. Don’t skimp on quality hair products and stick to a consistent hair care routine. Your hair deserves the best treatment for that “mane” attraction. Take advantage of their knowledge too and ask what products they recommend for your hair.

Don’t forget to schedule regular trims to keep your haircut on point. Say goodbye to awkward in-between stages and hello to rocking that latest look for longer. Your hair will thank you.

Trust Your Barber

It’s amazing what a little trust can do – just because you’ve done research and communicated your needs doesn’t mean you should become a backseat barber. Put your trust in your barber’s wizardry and let them work their magic. With their skills and know-how, they’ll make clever adjustments and suggestions to craft the perfect look that suits you like a boss.

Rock the style that you want and watch as heads turn wherever you go!

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