Best Physical Therapist in Evansville KY to Help With Chronic Back Pain

Living with chronic back pain can be highly disruptive to everyday life. When you’re in pain every time you move, it can become exhausting to do even the simplest of tasks. If you are tired of being unable to do the things you want because of constant pain, visiting a physical therapist may help. Here’s how to find the best physical therapist in Evansville KY to help with chronic back pain.

Boosting Flexibility and Strengthening Muscles

Not all physical therapists receive the same type of training. That’s why it’s important to find physical therapy Evansville services that are designed specifically for back issues. In particular, it’s wise to look for a physical therapist who knows how to help you boost flexibility and strengthen your muscles so you’re less likely to experience back pain.

Oftentimes, chronic back pain comes from nerve damage, increased inflammation, muscle strains, and weak muscles. By helping you strengthen the muscles of your back and improve their flexibility, your physical therapist may be able to help you finally find relief from your pain. The goal of strengthening the muscles that support the back is to make it easier to perform daily physical tasks without discomfort. Such tasks may include getting into or out of bed, bringing groceries into the house, or even just walking around.

The goal of increasing back flexibility is to help patients experience a greater range of motion while decreasing their risk of injury. Flexibility is essential for many different daily movements, especially bending over and twisting. If the muscles in the back aren’t flexible, these types of movements can cause strain and discomfort. When searching online for a “physical therapist near me,” be sure to look for someone who has previous experience helping patients improve their back strength and flexibility.

How to Find the Right PT for You

When searching for a physical therapist who can help relieve your chronic back pain, there are a few steps you should take. First, search online for “physical therapy near me,” and note the names of the physical therapists that appear in your search results. Once you have developed your list of physical therapists near you, do some research. Check out the credentials of each physical therapist to make sure they have the correct licensure to practice in your state.

After that, you should check out online reviews of patients who have visited each of the physical therapists on your list. You’re unlikely to find anyone with 100% positive reviews. However, the more positive reviews there are, the higher the likelihood that the physical therapist in question is a good one.

You might also consider consulting with your primary healthcare provider about recommended physical therapists. Your provider may be able to recommend a physical therapist who has a good reputation for treating the specific condition you have.

Finding the best physical therapist in your area may take some time. However, the time you spend will be worth it in the end once you find a professional who can help reduce your chronic back pain and help you enjoy a higher quality of life.

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