Bid Farewell To Pregnancy Blues With Stretch Marks Cream.

Nothing is more blissful than bringing a tiny new human being into the world. However, while you are getting ready for the arrival of the little one, there may be a series of steps for you to take. In the hustles of major life-changing moments, women often turn ignorant towards their health. To be precise, it is important to take sincere actions to tackle issues like hair loss, skin trouble, or the most worrisome of all, stretch marks. This blog will discuss the causes of stretch marks and how stretch mark cream can be a savior.
As a new mom, it is natural to get worried about developing stretch marks. Even though you will do your research to find the solution, a little help from experts is always welcomed. Moreover, experts suggest bidding adieu to this pregnancy blue is possible with stretch mark creams. So, while you take care of your bundle of joy, we will enlist how you can reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin. Let us start with understanding what stretch marks are. What are stretch marks? Stretch marks in pregnancy are scars that appear on your skin. They are indented and may be of different colors based on their causes, placement, age, or appearance. They can be pink, blue, red, black, or purple. Initially, when the stretch mark appears, they are slightly raised. As time passes, the marks take slight depression in their form and start showing up in your pregnancy journey. With time, it may become itchier. Let us understand the reason for their appearance. During pregnancy, your skin stretches rapidly. This causes pressure on the supportive structure of the skin tissues. These tissues’ middle or bottom layers may even tear in the process. It creates a scar on your skin. A study found that as high as 90% of women may get stretch marks in the last trimester of their pregnancy. Stretch marks appear on the body if you are young or put on weight too quickly. To be precise, marks also appear due to a rise in hormones during pregnancy. The body parts of the body in which stretch marks appear include:
  • Belly
  • Breasts
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
Note: It is important to note that stretch marks do not appear in everyone. Also, these vary in severity from one person to another. Is it possible to completely get rid of the stretch marks? Pregnancy is an emotional ride that may turn overwhelming for women as time passes. Sometimes, it feels hard to accept that your body, in certain ways, has changed forever. We can tell you that some of the marks fade naturally. However, some stretch marks can be made less visible with the help of stretch mark cream. Presenting effective solution by Mamaearth Mamaearth has a wide array of safe and gentle skin care products supporting the idea of a healthier self-care practice. Mamaearth Body Creme is designed to reduce stretch marks and lighten the scars. This stretch mark cream has three key ingredients. First is a Milk Protein that hydrates and locks in moisture in your skin. It works wonders in soothing dry and irritated skin. The product also has peptides that make the basis of Collagen, which is required to maintain skin elasticity. Lastly, Shea Butter accelerates the healing process.
What are some results to expect? Mamaearth’s stretch mark cream works in three ways. These are:
  • It provides natural nourishment. The Shea Butter in the cream soothes the skin to reduce stretch marks in pregnant women.
  • It works on reducing marks. The benefits of milk protein enhance the healing and nourishment of the skin.
  • It works on lighting the scars. Peptides and collagen work towards decreasing the appearance of stretch marks or scars.
How to use it? New moms, pregnant women, or anyone with stretch marks can stretch mark cream to address the problem of marks. To use, take out a dollop or required quantity as per your need in your palms. Apply generously in the area where there are stretch marks. Continue to massage lightly. As stretch marks are not the only issue that might give you pregnancy blues, we also understand the skincare problems that may affect occupancy. Addressing skincare blues with the assistance of Mamaearth products With changes in the hormones, your skin during pregnancy also changes. This is when you need safe skincare solutions for you and the baby. Mamaearth has just the solutions needed to navigate through your dermatological care. The products include face wash, mask, scrub, and serum. They also have a range of creams, toners, gels, and moisturizers. In addition, their sheet masks offer a quick hydration to calm irritated and compromised skin barrier. Choose the bestseller among the skincare product from the range of so much goodness is difficult; we have still narrowed down some products that you can get your hands on:
  • Rice Sunscreen Gel
Mamaearth’s Rice Sunscreen Gel creates a protective barrier against UV rays without causing any white cast. It contains Rice water, Niacinamide, Aloe Vera, and Glycerin. The potent formula of this cream helps to keep skin tone and pore size improvement.
  • Vitamin C Daily Glow Face Cream
This face cream is designed to brighten and moisturize skin. It has Vitamin C to fight sun damage, Turmeric to exfoliate and clean, and Glycerin to seal moisture. It also has Niacinamide to reduce blemishes.
  • Ubtan Face Serum
The Ubtan Face Serum from Mamaearth is designed to provide a natural glow. It also helps retain moisture. It has time-tested ingredients known for caring for the skin. Turmeric and Saffron will accentuate your pregnancy glow.
Summing it up Worrying about stretch marks is a misery of yesterday. With Mamaearth’s stretch mark cream, you can get the boost of confidence to carry yourself with poise. Along with the marks, Mamaearth also brings a range of face products to suit your daily and special care needs. In addition, they crafted a range of toxin-free products containing natural ingredients. They also take pride in being PETA-certified as their products are not tested on animals. In addition, to do their bit for the social cause, they recycle more plastic than they use in manufacturing. Thus, while caring for your skin and hair care needs, they also focused on providing a better environment. So, it is always a better idea to opt for a brand with a purpose and values.

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