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How to Spot the Signs of Ambien Addiction?

Ambien, the generic name Zolpidem, is a sedative-hypnotic medication usually prescribed for managing insomnia-related problems. It works by increasing the inhibitory activity of the brain. Before understanding what Ambien addiction is all about, it is important to have a fair knowledge base about the drug.

Initially, Ambien was promoted as a better alternative to benzodiazepines because it carried less risk for tolerance or addiction. However, recent studies have gone on to prove that this has indeed been underestimated. Long-term usage of Ambien can lead to serious health problems. And there can also be an episode of prominent addiction that can send you looking for a “drug rehab near me” of repute, like Daylight Recovery Center. 

Are you Suspecting Ambien Abuse?

Abusing Ambien can be extremely harmful to the system, physically and psychologically. You need to look out for some of the early signs of Ambien abuse. Prominent ones include:

  1. A tendency to purchase Ambien illegally is something to take note of. If you find the person in a bid to source Ambien illegally, you would most certainly know that he is attempting to consume more of the drug than advised. This should be a red flag to look out for.
  2. If the person is concerned with making concoctions by combining the drug with other substances, you can always sense addictive behavior. Combining medications and creating concoctions will always mean abuse.
  3. Doing daily tasks under the influence of Ambien will also mean one has been inclined towards addiction.
  4. Looking out for withdrawal symptoms is also important.
  5. There are tendencies where individuals forge prescriptions. In such cases, addictive behavior is always suspected.
  6. You could witness strong cravings or even generalized grogginess even during important tasks.
  7. There could be strong cravings for Ambien consumption that you may not be able to control.
  8. There may be an effort to quit Ambien unsuccessfully now and then.

Symptoms of Ambien Addiction

Once there is a proven Ambien addiction problem detected, the best thing to do is look out for a reputed Delaware drug rehab facility like Daylight Recovery Center. Some of the tell-all symptoms to look out for include:

There could be aggression and anxiety in behavior.

  • Depression could be another significant pointer for Ambien’s addiction. Lack or loss of memory in day-to-day life could be another symptom of being under the influence of Ambien.
  • Untimely drowsiness could also mean one is under the influence of Ambien.
  • Having unexplained nightmares and harboring suicidal thoughts could also be symptoms of substance abuse.
  • Delayed reaction time is also a prominent symptom.
  • Hallucinations are also common with Ambien addiction
  • There could be a spike in blood pressure and also a rise in body temperature that happens without any apparent reason.

Long-Term Harmful Symptoms of Ambien Addiction

People with insomnia may find it even more difficult to sleep when under the influence of Ambien. Some other long-term side effects of Ambien addiction include worsening conditions like sleep apnoea, sinus infections that are chronic, acid reflux, worsening cough, and laryngitis.

The symptoms of addiction would therefore have to be contained as early as possible so that long-term health problems can be avoided.

Treating Ambien Addiction

Treating Ambien’s addiction at the nascent stage is important. Ideally, the treatment should begin with medically supervised and managed detox. It is important to remember that Ambien withdrawal is often accompanied by life-threatening complications like seizures.

When seizures happen, medical management of withdrawal symptoms becomes important to avoid complications. Ideally, a team of doctors supervises withdrawal symptoms during the process of withdrawal. Medicines may be needed to manage emergencies if any.

Once the withdrawal has been completed, the next step would be to opt for either inpatient or outpatient treatment facilities.

In-Patient Treatment Facilities: This is quite like The Daylight Recovery Center, where you check in and then receive individual therapy and treatment. The idea is to create an atmosphere of wellness. You are educated about the nature of addiction, prevention of lapses, self-care, and also about ways to manage insomnia without having to resort to sleeping pills, aids, and other addictive devices.

Out-Patient Treatment Facilities: For those who do not wish to check in for treatment, outpatient facilities are available. This is the kind of facility that you choose to attend many times a week for individual as well as group sessions. You can also call for counselor sessions and psychiatrist sessions once a month from home.

The care imparted is quite similar to inpatient settings however it is essentially less restrictive and less intensive. An outpatient treatment regime is considered ideal for those who have just completed an in-patient treatment regime and have a strong social support group at home.

Ideally, an outpatient facility backs up an inpatient treatment program by providing it with an adequate fillip.

Choosing a Rehab Facility for Your Addiction Problem

Choosing the right drug treatment rehab facility for your addiction problem involves some amount of research. Some pertinent questions to ask would include:

  1. How many years have you been operating for? An experienced and well-established facility is one that is most preferred.
  2. What kind of rehabilitation services do you provide? The rehabilitation services provided should include the specific case of addiction you are seeking help for. So, if you are seeking help for Ambien addiction, you will need a facility that specializes in the same.
  3. What are reviews saying about you? Checking on reviews and analyzing success records is important. You need to see what fellow inmates are saying about the facility in question. You should look for inputs concerning the overall experience a facility provides.
  4. What would be the expenses? Cost is a huge factor to consider when choosing a rehab facility. Some of these properties can be insanely expensive. Therefore, checking on the cumulative cost will ensure that one can complete the treatment without having to withdraw from it owing to cost concerns.
  5. Certifications and Accreditation? Checking on certifications and accreditation is also important. The facility should be following all required norms and rules.

Ambien addiction can be life-threatening. Prompt action is therefore warranted.

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