Exploring Cheezious Menu Across Cities in Pakistan

Cheezious, a beloved culinary destination in Pakistan, tantalizes taste buds with its diverse and flavorful menu offerings tailored to cater to local tastes across various cities. Let’s delve into the mouth-watering dishes available at Cheezious outlets in different cities of Pakistan, showcasing the rates for each delectable delight.

Cheezious Menu

Karachi Menu

DishDescriptionPrice (PKR)
Cheesy FriesCrispy fries topped with melted cheeseRs. 350
Cheese Stuffed BurgerJuicy beef patty filled with cheeseRs. 550
Cheese PizzaThin-crust pizza loaded with cheeseRs. 700
Cheese Garlic BreadOven-baked bread with cheesy garlic toppingRs. 250

In Karachi, Cheezious delights diners with a fusion of cheesy goodness, from indulgent burgers to cheesy pizzas, offering a blend of fast-food favorites and traditional delights that cater to the city’s diverse palate.

Lahore Menu

DishDescriptionPrice (PKR)
Cheese NaanTraditional naan bread stuffed with cheeseRs. 150
Cheese PastaCreamy pasta with a generous cheese sauceRs. 450
Cheese ParathaFlaky paratha filled with melted cheeseRs. 200
Cheese PlatterAssortment of imported and local cheesesRs. 800

Lahore’s Cheezious menu boasts a delightful mix of cheesy creations, from cheesy naans to creamy pastas, catering to the city’s love for rich and flavorful dishes that embody the essence of Pakistani cuisine.

Islamabad Menu

DishDescriptionPrice (PKR)
CheeseburgerClassic burger with a gooey cheese sliceRs. 400
Cheese Loaded FriesSeasoned fries smothered in melted cheeseRs. 300
Cheese SticksCrispy fried cheese sticks with dipRs. 350
Cheese OmeletteFluffy omelette filled with cheddar cheeseRs. 250

In Islamabad, Cheezious offers a delectable array of cheesy treats, from classic cheeseburgers to indulgent omelettes, providing a savory experience that resonates with the city’s culinary preferences.

Rawalpindi Menu

DishDescriptionPrice (PKR)
Cheesy Chicken BurgerGrilled chicken burger with melted cheeseRs. 500
Cheese SamosaCrispy samosas filled with cheesy goodnessRs. 50
Cheese Loaded NachosNacho chips topped with melted cheeseRs. 350
Cheese Stuffed ParathaParatha stuffed with a blend of cheesesRs. 180

Rawalpindi’s Cheezious menu entices diners with a delightful mix of cheesy delights, from stuffed parathas to crispy samosas, offering a culinary journey that celebrates the richness of cheese in Pakistani cuisine.

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Cheezious has masterfully adapted its menu to cater to local tastes in different cities of Pakistan by blending traditional flavors with international favorites, creating a culinary experience that resonates with diverse palates across the country. From Karachi to Lahore, Islamabad to Rawalpindi, each city’s menu reflects a harmonious fusion of cheesy delights that celebrate the love for cheese in Pakistani cuisine.


1. Are there vegetarian options available on Cheezious menus in Pakistan?
Yes, Cheezious offers a variety of vegetarian options such as cheese-stuffed parathas, cheesy fries, and pasta dishes across all its outlets in Pakistan.

Can I customize my order at Cheezious to suit my dietary preferences?
Absolutely! Cheezious welcomes customization requests to accommodate dietary preferences or restrictions, ensuring a personalized dining experience for every customer.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available at Cheezious outlets in Pakistan?
Cheezious frequently offers special promotions and discounts on select menu items or combo meals at its outlets across different cities in Pakistan, providing value for money and enticing deals for customers.

Does Cheezious offer delivery services in all the cities mentioned?
Yes, Cheezious provides delivery services in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite cheesy dishes from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

How does Cheezious ensure the quality and freshness of its ingredients across different cities in Pakistan?
Cheezious maintains stringent quality control measures and sourcing practices to ensure the freshness and quality of ingredients used in its dishes across all outlets in Pakistan, upholding its commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences to customers.

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