Custom Hearing Protection At Audiology Island: How Can This Service Help You?

Do you feel your hearing ability isn’t as active as it used to be? If yes, going for a diagnostic hearing evaluation (recommended) or taking an online hearing test (not recommended except if you’re too busy to visit an audiologist) at a reliable audiology clinic is important. Speaking of a reliable clinic, Audiology Island is one of the best centers for people who reside in New York.

After the hearing evaluation, the audiologist will provide you with a hearing management plan that suits the underlying cause of your hearing difficulty. If you have little to no hearing issues, one effective solution you can expect from specialists at Audiology Island is custom hearing protection. This service is specifically designed to help people, such as musicians, who often find themselves in dangerously noisy environments.

You’ll discover all you need to know about this hearing-related solution as you read further.

What exactly is a custom hearing protection & who needs it?

As earlier mentioned, custom hearing protection devices are specifically designed to help people avoid sensorineural hearing loss. This kind of hearing loss is most likely to surface if a person often visits dangerously noisy environments.

Custom hearing protection at Audiology Island is designed for everybody, including athletes, music producers, musicians, hunters, or casual listeners.

  • If you’re very familiar with how music works, then you certainly know that musicians often get exposed to high decibel ranges. Unfortunately, if care isn’t taken to protect the ears from these high decibel ranges, a musician can experience occupational hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing sound). With a custom hearing protector, such as in-ear monitors and ear plugs, these issues can always be avoided.
  • Children who love listening to music via earphones also need Audiology Island’s custom hearing protection service. Audiologists in this clinic will offer your kids children-specific headphones that provide sound output without compromising the quality of sound. The highest volume of these headphones is very safe for your kids to listen to their favorite music and sounds. Interestingly, these devices also have noise cancelation to eliminate background noise, leaving only quality sound.
  • Swimmers also need custom hearing protection. For instance, if your kid is just recovering from ear surgery or an ear infection, health professionals often advise them to keep their ear canals dry. How exactly is this possible if your kid must swim or bath? Here’s where the need to use Custom Swim Molds comes into play.

Are custom hearing protection devices worth it today?

Custom hearing protection devices are certainly worth it for many reasons:

  1. Comfort is assured with the best custom hearing protection devices. The best custom hearing protectors at Audiology Island are portable and easy to carry around in dangerously noisy environments. The regular headphones available out there are too large. Using these devices will certainly make you feel noticeable discomfort in your ear canals. With the best custom hearing protectors, your ear canals won’t experience any discomfort or harm.
  2. Another good thing about these devices is that they help to prevent hearing loss, ringing sound, ear infection, and other hearing-related issues.

You can visit Audiology Island today to find the best custom hearing protection devices for you and your kids.


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