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Computer Advice Discord has quickly become one of the internet’s most powerful chat and video platforms, stealing a significant portion of market share from competitors like Skype and Telegram. Before it, users were dependent on alternatives to Discord, such as Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, which are almost extinct now.

Discord’s focus has recently moved, and the company has modified its tagline to read “Chat for Communities and Friends.” Previously, the company advertised capabilities that appealed mainly to gamers. A more comprehensive strategy such as this might result in greater appeal because Discord possesses all of the elements necessary to become a popular product.

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 Following is the Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Unique Discord Status Using YouTube, Twitch, and More.

Among these capabilities, Discord’s Rich Presence statuses have developed into a method to display to friend’s what game users are playing, what music they are listening to, and other information. Previously, this function only showed what game users were playing. With the help of third-party integrations, users can generate individualized status messages in Discord that communicate to their friends what they are doing on virtually any website. Let’s look at how users can show what they’re up to on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms by creating a custom status presence in Discord, which we’ll cover in this article.

Using PreMiD To Create A Tailor-Made Status Presence On Discord PreMiD is a two-part application that can run independently or as a Chrome or Firefox plugin. It extends the capabilities of Discord’s status presence by adding new features.

A status presence in Discord is a status statement that is kept up to date automatically in response to an action taken by the user. Rich Presences allow users to engage in interactive activities, such as playing games together or singing along to music. The most basic presences will indicate which song or movie is playing or which is being watched.


The PreMiD is a standalone program and a browser plugin that connects to Discord. Once connected, it enables users’ status presences in Discord to update based on what they do in the browser. To begin using PreMiD, navigate to the Downloads section of the website. It is necessary to install the application and the browser extension. The application is accessible for OS X, Windows, and Linux, while the browser extension is available for all Chromium browsers and Firefox. After the user has finished installing the program and the required extension, we recommend that they give their browser a short restart to ensure that it detects the installation of the standalone application.

After that, the icon for PreMiD should appear in the bar that indicates extensions in the browser. When you click it, a window displays a list of pre-installed presences and other settings. Netflix, SoundCloud, Twitch, YouTube, and YouTube Music are some presences already pre-installed.


when you use PreMiD. Before moving on to investigate further presences, we advise users to check that PreMiD is functioning properly on their particular system. Users can accomplish this by going to SoundCloud, selecting whatever music they like (at least one that won’t disgrace them, as it will show publicly), and allowing it to play in the background.

PreMiD’s Presence Store

When this happens, the user’s Discord status should be updated to reflect that they are “playing” the SoundCloud website. Expanding the user profile allows you to view the Rich Presence, which will include information such as the music artist, name, and remaining long time. If this message appears, then PreMiD was installed correctly. However, PreMiD’s Presence Store is home to hundreds of presences that are well worth investigating.

Simply clicking on the name of the presence and then clicking the Add presence option on the subsequent page will allow you to download a new presence that you can use to build your own unique Discord status.

PreMiD browser extension

Alternatively, you can raise this button by hovering your mouse pointer on the presence’s title. The presence will be immediately added to the PreMiD browser extension, and the extension will be toggled on by default.

There are currently 454 available, including the following options: Steam, Twitter, Instagram, Crunchyroll, Wikipedia, Reddit, Roblox, GitHub, and Pinterest Mixer. After downloading and installing an extension from the shop, you can temporarily turn it off by selecting the slider icon. You may also entirely uninstall it by clicking on the gear icon and then the trashcan icon next to the name of the associated presence.

Changing status

Modifying Your Current Status and Presence on Discord Through the Use of PlayStation Discord Xbox is the only system with native compatibility for Discord’s client, as PlayStation is completely absent.

PlayStation Discord

However, a third-party open-source application fixes this problem. Using a custom status message, it enables users to tell others on Discord what PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation Vita game they are playing. PlayStation Discord is the application that enables this, and it is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Users must download only one independent file from the website at a time. When using PlayStation Discord for the first time, users will be prompted to sign in using their respective PlayStation accounts.

Be conscious that this does not send information to the PlayStation Discord app but rather straight to the web servers maintained by Sony. Users have nothing to worry about while carrying out these actions because the project is open-source. After successfully checking in, users will be presented with a screen that displays their PlayStation

Gamers and discord

Network avatar and buttons that allow them to either sign up for Rich Presence or turn off their existing status. This screen will appear every time the application is launched after that. That wraps it up! Now, all the user needs to do is keep the application running—it can be reduced to the system tray on Windows—and PlayStation Discord will communicate the user’s in-game status to Discord so that everyone can see it


PreMiD is a terrific third-party add-on for Discord that has compatibility with practically every popular social network and media site. PlayStationDiscord is the best way to show off what game you’re playing on Sony’s contemporary consoles. For anyone seeking to show off their activity all around the web, PreMiD is a fantastic option. PreMiD is a fantastic third-party add-on for Discord.

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