Different Consumption Methods of Kratom

Kratom is available in various physical forms, including capsules, liquid extracts, pills, powder, crushed leaves, and tinctures. Many reputed vendors have been dedicatedly manufacturing and selling pure quality kratom products.

You can also buy kratom online from reliable and trustworthy vendors. All certified vendors provide complete guidelines about mitragyna dosage. Here we have gathered authentic recommendations for the best timings of different kratom forms; let’s begin,

1. Kratom Capsules:

Kratom capsules are considered the best consumption form of mitragyna known so far. According to statistics, most people buy kratom capsules.

However, the best time to take ketum capsules is before each meal. This way, you will get broad spectrum benefits from this excellent herb.

It is recommended to take 3 to 4 hours before the meal, as the capsule takes longer to get absorbed in the body.

2: Kratom Tea:

Mitragyna tea has a long history back many decades. People of Southeast Asian countries used raw mitragyna leaves to brew tea. 

Kratom tea is a tastier and more soothing way of regularly taking your ketum dose. Like all other tea types, kratom tea is also suggested in the morning or evening.

It produces soothing and calming effects. You can buy kratom online in the form of freshly crushed leaves and enjoy the taste of excellent herbal tea.

3: Kratom Extracts:

Kratom extract is one of the most pure and organic forms of mitragyna speciosa. Millions of people buy kratom online in the form of liquid extract. According to studies, kratom extract is rapidly absorbed within the body compared to all other available physical forms.

However, there is a particular time for extract consumption to get the full spectrum benefits of this miraculous herb. It is recommended to take mitragyna extract on an empty stomach and feel the rise up of energy gradually, which lasts longer.

4: Kratom Powder:

Mitragyna powder is fine and smooth, for it can be used in various ways. Like, you can sprinkle it on any smoothie or food. You can ingest it with any drink or your favorite beverage.

However, it is recommended to consume kratom powder before meals. You can buy kratom online in powdered form from reputed brands like Kats Botanicals, The Golden Monk, Hush Kratom, and many more.

5: Kratom Tincture:

Tinctures are usually made by adding a solvent as a base. Kratom tinctures are made by adding alcohol as a solvent to provide a concentrated herb dose. However, it is strongly recommended to begin using kratom tincture after consultation with your doctor.

As these are highly concentrated, consuming it on an empty stomach is suggested to get the full spectrum benefits of the product. It must be taken alone without any beverage or drink.

Buy kratom online in tincture form from Super Speciosa, one of the leading brands with a broader variety of kratom tinctures.

6: Kratom Shots:

Kratom shots are one or two-dosage liquid extracts, considered a convenient dosage form of mitragyna speciosa. These are usually consumed before a meal, dissolve rapidly, and affect readily. 

You can buy kratom online, specifically in shots, from one of the reputed brands, MIT 45, without hesitation.

7: Loose Kratom Leaves:

Loose or crushed mitragyna leaves are mainly used to brew tea, decoction, or infusion. This form is highly recommended for consumption in the morning or evening. One cup is sufficient for the whole day’s energy requirement.

Buy kratom online in loose or crushed form, from hundreds of online vendors or retail suppliers. And make your life more energetic than ever.

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