Elevate Your Wedding 101: Wedding Signage Types and Styles 

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Ah, weddings! There’s nothing quite like celebrating the love between two people who have decided to spend their lives together, is there? It’s such a heartwarming occasion that brings different families and friends together, bonded by the shared joy of witnessing this beautiful union.

These days, more and more couples are getting creative with ways to make their big day extra special and personal. One trend I’m loving? Wedding signage! I know, signs might not seem like the most exciting detail. But hear me out!

From directing guests where to go to sharing meaningful quotes or displaying your wedding hashtag, cute signage does more than just provide info. It allows you to inject your personality and love story into all the little moments and details. Vintage chic? Check out signs with elegant calligraphy and floral designs. More modern vibe? You can do acrylic or sleek designs with your new monogram. The options are endless for incorporating these decorative touches.

In this post, I’m going to dive into all the wonderful ways you can use signs and displays to elevate your wedding ambiance and guide your guests through your magical day. After all the planning, it’s the personal touches that’ll make it so perfectly “you” as a couple, right? Let’s talk signage!

Wedding Signage – The Different Kinds You’ll Want

Okay, let’s talk wedding signs! These little decorative details might seem minor, but they can make such a big impact in tying together your entire day. From giving your guests important info to adding stylish personal touches, signage is a must in my book.

Welcome Signs

Welcome signs are such an important touch for setting the vibe as soon as guests arrive! This is their first impression of the whole celebration, so you want it to feel warm, and inviting, and give them those exciting flutters about witnessing your union.

You’ve got so many stylish options too. For vintage-loving brides, intricate calligraphic designs with charming floral accents or romantic vintage frames are gorgeous. If you prefer clean and contemporary, a beautiful acrylic sign featuring your name or new monogram makes an elegant statement.

Whatever route you go, don’t forget to inject some personal flair! Incorporating your wedding colors, motifs like your floral choices, or even a sweet quote encapsulating your love story adds such a thoughtful touch. Small details like these make guests feel welcomed into the unique ambiance you’ve curated just for this incredibly special day.

Strategically placing the welcome sign at the entrance or check-in area ensures it’s the very first thing they see. It sets the tone and energy, getting everyone excited about celebrating your love and commitment. The right sign creates an amazing first impression!

Directional Signs

Let’s be real, weddings involve a ton of moving pieces with people going every which way. The last thing you want is guests wandering around aimlessly, unsure of where to go next. That’s why having clear directional signs scattered throughout the venue is an absolute must!

These helpful little guides point everybody in the right direction for the ceremony space, reception hall, restrooms, you name it. Even showing where to park can be a lifesaver. You can keep things simple with elegant wooden arrows or go all out with elaborate displays matching your theme and color palette.

No matter how fancy you make them, be sure to put those directional signs in strategic spots – like entrances, exits, and any intersections where people might get turned around. Making it obvious eliminates so much confusion and lets your guests just sit back and soak in the celebration stress-free.

Oh, and for an extra fun touch? Throw in some playful puns or rhymes on those directional signs! A cute little “Funkies to the Funkies” arrow pointing to the restrooms or “Park It Over There, Lovebird!” sign is such a whimsical way to inject more personality.

Seating Charts

Ah yes, the seating chart – an essential reception day detail that does so much more than just tell folks where to plop down! These signs are the perfect chance to get creative and show off your style as a couple.

For you vintage-loving brides, can you imagine anything more romantic than an ornate golden frame with all the names calligraphed to perfection? Or for the minimalist modern brides, a sleek acrylic design brings major elegance and polish. The possibilities are truly endless for making this functional piece a total work of art!

But why stop at just names, right? Your seating chart is a blank canvas to incorporate all the little elements that make your love story unique. Weave in your wedding motifs, favorite lyrics or quotes, or even sentimental photos for the ultimate personalized touch. Little details like these instantly transform a boring old list into a gorgeous display piece that gets guests excited for the amazing reception to come.

At the end of the day, the seating chart pulls double duty – guiding guests effortlessly while also allowing you to flex those creative muscles and set the vibe from the second they walk in. It’s a win-win in every way!

Menu Signs

One of the biggest highlights of any wedding reception is the delicious food! Which makes menu signs an absolute must-have detail.

These signs allow you to tease all the tasty dishes and mouthwatering bites guests have to look forward to once they’re seated. But menu signs aren’t just functional, they’re also an opportunity to elevate the dining experience with a sophisticated vibe.

Depending on your theme, you could go rustic-chic with gorgeous chalkboard menu displays. Or for a more modern aesthetic, sleek acrylic or mirrored signs are incredibly elegant.

But why stop there? Get creative by incorporating vivid menu descriptions that’ll have stomachs rumbling. Call out any dietary dishes like vegetarian or gluten-free options. Or inject some fun with cheeky food puns and plays on words – it’ll give guests a laugh between bites!

At the end of the day, a beautifully designed menu sign does double duty. It whets everyone’s appetite with a preview of the deliciousness to come, while also adding an extra luxurious touch to your reception decor. It’s a win-win that’ll have your guests feeling wowed before they even take that first bite.

Hashtag Signs

In today’s world of constant scrolling and sharing, having a cute little hashtag sign at your wedding is an absolute must! It’s the perfect way to encourage guests to snap and post all their favorite moments from your big day.

You can get so creative with these signs too. For fun and playful couples, quirky pun-filled designs that riff off your unique hashtag are such a vibe. Or you can keep things more low-key with an understated sign that seamlessly vibes with your overall aesthetic.

The result? An epic digital archive of memories captured through the lens of all your loved ones. You’ll get to relive the magic of your wedding day over and over again with each new video and pic that pops up in that hashtag feed. It’s the modern-day keepsake every couple deserves!

Wedding Sign Styles

Signage for your big day doesn’t have to be boring, trust me! You’ve got so many stylish options to play around with and make those signs your own. Here are some of them:


Rustic wedding signs exude a warm, earthy vibe that’s perfect for outdoor ceremonies or boho-inspired decor. One envisions weathered wood boards, vintage chalkboard displays, and signs with that perfect distressed finish. The calligraphy and hand-lettered styles lend a charming vintage look. Couples can lean into those natural textures by incorporating elements like bark, twine, and even dried flowers or leaves. Just picture a gorgeous welcome sign made from reclaimed barn wood greeting guests or seating charts written out on antique chalkboards. It creates such a cozy, down-to-earth atmosphere!


For those whose style is minimal and sleek, modern signage is the way to go. These signs have such a luxe, contemporary vibe with clean lines, bold fonts, and high-end materials like lucite and metals. Acrylic signs are having a major moment – the way modern designs look etched into that transparent surface is quite striking. One can embrace color with vibrant acrylic signs or keep it chic with matte black metal accents. For a real wow factor, neon signs or illuminated designs make for an unforgettable statement piece. Whether used for seating charts, menu displays, or fun decor elements, they’re guaranteed to give a wedding a very stylish, fashion-forward aesthetic.


Vintage vibes are perfect for soulful, romantic brides! Vintage signage is all about that old-world charm and feeling swept away by a sense of nostalgia. One picture ornate golden frames, signage painted with elegant cursive calligraphy, and those perfectly aged, distressed finishes. Seating charts on antique mirrors or ceremony signs with delicate floral accents feel so dreamy. Couples can embrace those rich, jewel-toned colors for a more opulent look or stick to muted, romantic hues like dusty blues and soft greens. However styled, vintage signs add such a timeless, sophisticated ambiance that pairs beautifully with historic venues or understated classic weddings.


For the playful, free-spirited couples, whimsical signage allows them to embrace that sense of imagination and childlike wonder! These signs become a canvas to get creative with watercolors, ethereal illustrations, and swirling calligraphic fonts with such a magical, dreamy quality. One can envision vibrant floral motifs guiding guests to the reception or mythical creatures keeping watch on directional signs. They can go for those airy pastel palettes or vibrant pops of jewel tones. Pairing whimsical signage with creative typography and design elements creates a celebration that sparks curiosity and playfulness. It’s the perfect way to infuse a big day with a little extra enchantment!


No matter what vibe you’re going for on your big day, signage offers such a fun and creative way to elevate the atmosphere. From directing guests where to go to put your stamp on every detail, those decorative signs and displays truly bring the whole celebration together.

For couples drawn to the natural and bohemian aesthetic, rustic signage with its earthy wood, chalk, and vintage character is an absolute dream. The romantic at heart will swoon over the timeless elegance of vintage metal signs adorned with gilded frames, calligraphic fonts, and that perfectly aged patina.

If you lean more modern and minimalist in your tastes, contemporary designs featuring lucite, neon, and sleek metallics give such a chic, high-fashion vibe. And for the whimsical free spirits, signage becomes a canvas to let your imagination run wild with watercolors, dreamy illustrations, and swirling calligraphic scripts.

At the end of the day, the right signage does more than just provide functional info – it allows you to tell a story through design. Those thoughtful creative touches transform the mundane into the meaningful, infusing your unique love story into every aspect of the event.

So as you dive into wedding planning, don’t overlook the power of signage! With a dash of personality and the right style for you as a couple, those signs can elevate your big day into an immersive experience your guests will never forget.

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