How to adapt to playing Golf in the Rain?

Golf is, without question, a game that’s best played in beautiful, bright sunshine and warm temperatures – giving us a clear view of the course ahead for maximum visibility and enjoyable playing conditions. But it doesn’t always go that way.

If you’re a regular player, chances are you’ve been caught in a downpour on the course, or have made the brave decision beforehand to head out in the rain anyway – more power to you!

But just because it gets a little drizzly (or a lot), doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the game we all love. All we need to do is prepare well and make a few small changes to our technique.

So, if you’re a new player wondering how to enjoy a game in the rain, or an experienced player and want to start facing the elements for the first time, here are a few tips on adapting to wet weather when playing golf.

Things you can do to combat golf course rain

Invest in good golf waterproofs

In the same way as if you were heading out for a leisurely stroll in the rain, waterproof clothing will help keep you dry and warm so you can focus on your swing.

Golf waterproofs are a must-have item that many players keep in their bags or cars at all times, just in case they get struck by a few stray droplets. Waterproof golf jackets – for both men and women – come in all different sizes, colours and designs, and are often made of lightweight, breathable material that makes them easy to play in while keeping the wearer bone dry. Some of them also feature high collars or even hoods, for ultimate protection from the rain.

But if you want a well-rounded defence from the weather, it’s always best to pair these with waterproof golf trousers and waterproof golf shoes. That way, the chances of water creeping into your person anywhere are severely limited, reducing the risk of your game being affected and you catching a nasty chill.

Keep towels handy

Even though the rain is more of an annoyance than a serious threat to the quality of our game, it still causes issues that can cost us shots if not dealt with promptly.

For example, when taking a divot, if the ground is damp and mushy there’s a good chance much of that muck and grass will stick to your clubface once you’ve struck the ball – rather than launching away cleanly as it would do in dry conditions.

That’s why keeping at least one towel in your bag always helps – you can wipe your clubface clean after each shot, ensuring stray debris won’t affect your next shot. You can also use this towel to wipe your golf balls if they’ve been caught with any grime which could affect the way the ball flies and rolls.

Plus, keeping a towel to wipe your face and hands clean also helps you keep your vision clear while keeping your grip tight, reducing unwelcome slipping.

Rain covers and umbrellas always help

Keeping your clubs as dry as possible not only helps them perform better but improves their shelf life, too. 

That’s why, for golfers playing in the rain, rain covers are an essential accessory. Rather than leaving your clubs exposed to the elements, simply attach a golf rain cover to your bag to cover your club heads as you walk from hole to hole. This way, you’ll also prevent unwanted seepage that could find its way into other parts of your bag as well.

Then, to keep yourself as protected as possible as you walk, a good golf umbrella is the way to go. Most are large enough to offer both the player and their clubs a decent level of cover while being strong enough to not bowl you over in a gust of wind.

Adapt your short game

As wet grass always adds an extra layer of traction to the way our ball rolls, it’s important to compensate with a slightly stronger stroke to ensure we reach our target when playing the short game.

The next time you’re putting in wet conditions, make sure you add an extra ounce of strength to your shot. Otherwise, your ball could fall woefully short.

The same goes for chipping – when chipping onto the green, don’t be surprised to see your ball sit down and stop suddenly when it’s been raining. Your chances of a decent bounce and roll are seriously cut, so always inject your chip with some added power.

Grab the wet-weather golf gear you need from a trusted seller

The old adage is true – you get what you pay for. If you want to keep yourself dry on the course and play the game to your absolute best in the rain, be sure to grab all the necessary wet-weather golf gear from an experienced and trusted golf gear vendor.

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