ICC Champions Trophy 2023-2025 Schedule, Time Table

International Cricket Council ICC Champions Trophy 2023-2025 schedule timetable pdf file free download online from this page now. The 8th edition of the ICC champion’s trophy has been scheduled to play between 1st June and 18th June 2023. There is a total of 15 matches that will be played including 2 semifinals and 1 final match. A total of 8 teams have been divided into two groups, 4 teams in each group. This year the most exclusive change in team groups is that this is ‘West Indies’ has not been scheduled to play in this match and Bangladesh has replaced the West Indies. West Indies has been the top team in ICC ranking but this year this team has not been qualified in the ICC champion’s trophy ranking as of 30th September 2015. This year England is the host country and Indians are the defending champions who won the last trophy in 2013. This is India on 2nd number in ranking while Australia is on number one teams in ICC champions trophy 2023-2025 One Day International (ODI) tournament. This is the round robin and knockout format in which each team will play to others in a single round and the loser will be knockout and the top 2 teams from each group will play in the finals.

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ICC Champions Trophy 2023-2025 Schedule

Now, everyone looking at the ICC Champions Trophy 2023-2025 which will be announced as soon, and when the ICC issues then we will update this page. As per schedule, the next ICC Champion Trophy is scheduled to be played in the year 2025. And the venue of the Tournament is selected as Pakistan which is also the defending Champion of the trophy in the year 2017. And it is expected to be started in the month of October 2025. Round-Robin and Knockout format will be followed in the matches. The teams with fewer wins will be eliminated and knocked out of the tournament while the team with the most wins and most runs will be moved further to playoffs, semi-finals, and Finals.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Schedule Time Table PDF File Free Download

ICC Champions Trophy Venue

  • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
  • Rawalpindi Stadium
  • Karachi Stadium

As per the Announcement made on November 2021 by the International Cricket Council, the tournament is scheduled to be played in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. It is one of the biggest stadiums in Pakistan with a good number of seating available for the spectators. But the current Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Ramiz Raja has asked for a piece of Land in Islamabad for the stadium so that by the time of the Tournament in 2025, the stadium could be ready for the matches.

ICC Champions Trophy Team List

A total number of Eight teams are selected that will be playing the ICC Champion Trophy in the year 2025. They are listed as follows:

  • England
  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand

ICC Champions Trophy TimeTable

Right now the management of ICC yet not issued the ICC Champion Trophy 2023-2025 timetable but hopefully at the end of this year it will be launched. So, when they will be launched then we will share them on this page. People will wait for a few days or months more for the ICC champion trophy schedule and timetable.

No doubt, billions of people are waiting for ICC Champions Trophy 2023-2025. Furthermore, With the huge list of games and sports invented these days, people are enjoying these games. They have kept people busy with some kind of entertainment. They provide people and athletes with physical fitness which keeps them mentally fit. Games are the best source to take away the boredom and drag people out of their tough and lazy life. We today know a great number of games, but if we analyze the statics of the games watched and played in the world we draw a conclusion that Football and Cricket are the most Loved, watched, and played games in the entire world. Round the year a great number of football World Cups and Cricket World Cups are held and people watch them with great love and enthusiasm.

If we talk about Cricket, it has its own kind of features and specialty. It is a game between two teams each comprises of 11 players. People from various countries enjoy this Game. A specific council called as International Cricket Council takes all the responsibilities to conduct cricket matches worldwide and among different countries. There are different formats of Cricket matches including test match which constitutes 5 days. A 50-over match and a 20-over match. Mostly 50 overs and T20 World Cups are held within a specific period of years between different teams of the world. In the future, if they announce the schdule of all matches and the ICC Champions Trophy 2023-2025 schedule given on this page.

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