ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Teams Kits Designs & Colors

ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Teams Kits Designs & Colors are presented here. All the teams have exterior their kits with their special color. That color will represent their team such as blue shirts are Indian team, Green is Pakistani team. Here below this passage, I have arranged all these teams with their Kit for the 2023 T20I World Cup. There are super ten teams who have been directly qualified for the T20 series. These super ten teams have been a fixture and scheduled in group1 and 2. There are other six qualifiers teams that will be playing in group A and B form. The series is going to be commencing from 8th March 2023 till the 3rd of April, 2023 in India. India has arranged seven cities and different stadiums for ICC T20 World Cup 2023 India. Hence all the countries have declared their team squads as well as their kits designs & colors. So if you are seeking to get all the ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Teams Kits designs & colors, then keep reading this post and scroll down this page to get that list.

ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Teams Kits Designs & Colors


  1. England

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) presents the England cricket team. It is an international level team that lay in the super ten teams for this T20 ICC world Twenty20I world cup 2023.


  1. South Africa

South Africa has also presented its team jersey for ICC T20 World Cup 2023. South Africa has designed its new jersey in green and yellow color with its flag icon on the left side and gray lice is high lighting the country name.

South Africa

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka the sign of a lion with a sword in hand, has also made their preparation and practice very well including their jersey kit. Their Kit Color is a dark navy blue with yellow shoulders and a yellow Sri Lanka logo on the left side.

Sri Lanka

  1. West Indies

West Indians are this time also again their usual color the dark burgundy with white and red embossed lines on both the lapels. West Indian Kit is embossed their country logo on the right side of their shirt.

West Indies

  1. Australia

Australia is the most powerful team of One Day International ODI has also prepared their jersey kit for ICC world Twenty20 world cup 2023. They have the addition of a collar.


  1. India

India being the host of ICC T20 world cup 2023 is making some extra preparations for this series. It has presented its kit that is in dark and light blue which is different than of all its previous kits.


  1. New Zealand

New Zealand has been qualified in the main event from the warm-up series by beating Hong Kong and Afghanistan. It was in a black cap and off yellowish skin shirts with its flag sign printed on it.

New Zealand

  1. Pakistan

Pakistan is always known as the green shirt and this time also it will be in their green shirt but this time some new changings are made such as their flag moon and star within Pakistan logo is embossed in it As shown below


  1. Bangladesh

Bangladesh 2023 Jersey has been presented in red and green colors with collars. Its slogan is printed on the left heart side while the ICC T20 world cup signs are printed on the right side. They have designed their kit according to their flag such as they have worn in the 2015 world cup.


  1. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s team kit for ICC 2023 world cup has also been presented in red and green with a partial black like a blow which Zimbabwe is written in yellow color.


   11. Afghanistan

Afghanistan Board has prepared the cricket uniform with blue color as well some they made the cap with blue color. Moreover, in this T20 cricket tournament, they will enroll and play for their country.


12. Ireland

Cricket board of Ireland made uniform with green color while the color of the trouser is black. This color combination is much better.


13. Namibia

Namibia cricket team uniform color is blue but the color of the sleeve is different. Moreover, they made the trouser the same color.


14. Netherland

The uniform color of the Netherland is orange but they touch the blue color in front and back. While they stitch the trouser with the same color.


15. Oman

Oman Cricket board has decided the color of the uniform is red but in different places they touch the blue color. As well as they made the trouser in the same color.


16. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea cricket team uniform colors Yellow shirt and black trouser.

Papua New Guinea

There is the total of sixteen teams will play in the Twenty20 2023 tournament in a round-robin format. The winning team will gain plus point while the loser will get negative points and their ranking will decide them to be qualifying in the semifinals or not. The top four teams will be preceded into the semifinals and then two finalists will play the final match of ICC World Twenty20 in Eden Garden, Kolkata. Well, this page we have prepared for the ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Teams Kits Designs & Colors.

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