IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 Schedule, TV Channels Broadcasting Coverage

International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF ICE hockey world championship 2023 Schedule, TV channels broadcasting coverage and complete details about this championship is here. So if you is a hockey fans and don’t want to miss this great event to see live on televisions then you are here on the right side to get complete details about this series. This season is going to be kickoff from 06th May and the final match will be played on 22nd May, 2023. Well this year the IIHF Ice hockey 2023 will be hosted by the Russia at two stadiums Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Canada will be the defending champions after defeating the Russia in 2015 Ice Hockey finals with 6-1. Well like previous years this year also there will total sixteen teams will participate from 16 different states and this year Hungry has also returned into the Ice hockey championship after 6 years and Kazakhstan after one year’s gape. All the teams have been divided into two groups Group A and Group B. So this year the event it going to be such an interesting and competitive. Hope that you all will never want to miss even a single match. If it is have a look down to get IIHF Ice Hockey world championship 2023 schedule, TV channels broadcasting coverage.

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 Schedule, TV Channels Broadcasting Coverage

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 Schedule, TV Channels Broadcasting Coverage

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023

  • From 06th May to 22nd May, 2023

IIHF Ice Hockey Live TV Channels List

BulgariaNova Sport
CanadaTSN , RDS
CroatiaArena Sports
DenmarkTV3 Sport 1
Czech RepublicCT
KazakhstanKazSport TV
RussiaC1R , VGTRK
SloveniaŠport TV
SwedenTV4 , TV12
SwitzerlandSRG SSR
United KingdomPremier Sports
USANBC Sports Network

IIHF Groups Wise Teams 

Group A TeamsGroup B Teams
1.    Czech Republic1.       Canada
2.    Denmark2.       Finland
3.    Kazakhstan3.       United States
4.    Switzerland4.       Slovakia
5.    Russia5.       Belarus
6.    Sweden6.       France
7.    Latvia7.       Germany
8.       Norway8.       Hungary
Total Teams = 16

Pre Phase Schedule

A6 May, Fri16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceSWE vs LAT
B6 May, Fri16:15 GMT+3YubileinyUSA vs CAN
A6 May, Fri20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceCZE vs RUS
B6 May, Fri20:15 GMT+3YubileinyFIN vs BLR
A7 May, Sat12:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceSUI vs KAZ
B7 May, Sat12:15 GMT+3YubileinySVK vs HUN
A7 May, Sat16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceNOR vs DEN
B7 May, Sat16:15 GMT+3YubileinyFRA vs GER
A7 May, Sat20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceLAT vs CZE
B7 May, Sat20:15 GMT+3YubileinyBLR vs USA
A8 May, Sun12:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceKAZ vs RUS
B8 May, Sun12:15 GMT+3YubileinyHUN vs CAN
A8 May, Sun16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceNOR vs SUI
B8 May, Sun16:15 GMT+3YubileinyFIN vs GER
A8 May, Sun20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceSWE vs DEN
B8 May, Sun20:15 GMT+3YubileinyFRA vs SVK
A9 May, Mon16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceLAT vs RUS
B9 May, Mon16:15 GMT+3YubileinyBLR vs CAN
A9 May, Mon20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceSWE vs CZE
B9 May, Mon20:15 GMT+3YubileinyFIN vs USA
A10 May, Tue16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceSUI vs DEN
B10 May, Tue16:15 GMT+3YubileinySVK vs GER
A10 May, Tue20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceKAZ vs NOR
B10 May, Tue20:15 GMT+3YubileinyHUN vs FRA
A11 May, Wed16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceSUI vs LAT
B11 May, Wed16:15 GMT+3YubileinySVK vs BLR
A11 May, Wed20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceSWE vs KAZ
B11 May, Wed20:15 GMT+3YubileinyFIN vs HUN
A12 May, Thu16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceCZE vs NOR
B12 May, Thu16:15 GMT+3YubileinyUSA vs FRA
A12 May, Thu20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceRUS vs DEN
B12 May, Thu20:15 GMT+3YubileinyCAN vs GER
A13 May, Fri16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceCZE vs KAZ
B13 May, Fri16:15 GMT+3YubileinyUSA vs HUN
A13 May, Fri20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceDEN vs LAT
B13 May, Fri20:15 GMT+3YubileinyGER vs BLR
A14 May, Sat12:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceNOR vs SWE
B14 May, Sat12:15 GMT+3YubileinyFRA vs FIN
A14 May, Sat16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceRUS vs SUI
B14 May, Sat16:15 GMT+3YubileinyHUN vs BLR
A14 May, Sat20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceKAZ vs LAT
B14 May, Sat20:15 GMT+3YubileinyCAN vs SVK
A15 May, Sun16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceDEN vs CZE
B15 May, Sun16:15 GMT+3YubileinyGER vs USA
A15 May, Sun20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceSUI vs SWE
B15 May, Sun20:15 GMT+3YubileinySVK vs FIN
A16 May, Mon16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceRUS vs NOR
B16 May, Mon16:15 GMT+3YubileinyCAN vs FRA
A16 May, Mon20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceDEN vs KAZ
B16 May, Mon20:15 GMT+3YubileinyGER vs HUN
A17 May, Tue12:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceCZE vs SUI
B17 May, Tue12:15 GMT+3YubileinyUSA vs SVK
A17 May, Tue16:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceLAT vs NOR
B17 May, Tue16:15 GMT+3YubileinyBLR vs FRA
A17 May, Tue20:15 GMT+3Ice PalaceRUS vs SWE
B17 May, Tue20:15 GMT+3YubileinyCAN vs FIN

Qualifying Phase

 GroupDate/ Day Time (GMT)Stadium Match
19 May, Thu16:15 GMT+3Ice Palace vs
19 May, Thu16:15 GMT+3Yubileiny vs
19 May, Thu20:15 GMT+3Ice Palace vs
19 May, Thu20:15 GMT+3Yubileiny vs
21 May, Sat16:15 GMT+3Ice Palace vs
21 May, Sat20:15 GMT+3Ice Palace vs
22 May, Sun16:15 GMT+3Ice Palace vs
22 May, Sun


20:45 GMT+3Ice Palace vs

So this is all about IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 Schedule, TV Channels Broadcasting Coverage. Hope this post provide you all about International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF 2023 Tournament. Keep in touch with this page to get results and details of each match of IIHF Hockey Matches going to be playing in 2023 Ice Hockey hockey matches.

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