Inspiration: The Origins of These Women-Led Podcasts

Podcasts are sweeping across the internet with remarkable fervour, transcending numerous niches and embracing an extensive array of global subjects.

Curious on how Western Europeans excel in their podcasting careers? We’ve compiled a list of the best Dutch female targeted podcasts for you, and how they got started, to give you some inspiration.

“Geuze en Gorgels” Podcast

One of the most well-known podcasts is “Geuze en Gorgels“, hosted by Monica Geuze and Kaj Gorgels. First, let’s get into the hosts’ lives and how things came together. 

Monica Geuze

In case you missed who Monica Geuze is, Monica is one of the most popular Dutch influencers. She was asked by Ronnie Flex to be his resident DJ when she was just sixteen, which boosted her career drastically. 

Monica shared her life almost daily on YouTube and Instagram, from DJ performances to dinners with friends—her 300,000+ subscribers saw it all. She also created videos about lifestyle and fashion. 

After nearly 8 years of vlogging, in early 2023, she announced that she would be quitting. In her final vlog, she explained that she couldn’t “juggle all the balls” anymore and found it challenging to continue sharing everything from her private life.

Kaj Gorgels

Kaj Gorgels is a television presenter and YouTuber. He gained fame through his participation in the eighteenth season of the popular TV show “Expeditie Robinson.” In 2012, Kaj started his YouTube channel, where he created animations, sketches, and vlogs about his life. 

In 2017, he made his TV debut with the show “SOS: Mijn vakantie is een hel” (SOS: My Vacation is a Hell). Later, he also hosted TV shows like “De beste verleiders” (The Best Seducers), “Temptation Island VIPS,” and “Expeditie Robinson.” He is in a relationship with model Jessie Jazz Vuijk and lives in Ibiza.

Monica and Kaj’s first podcast was released in 2021. This podcast series focused on their friendship. The two best friends felt they didn’t see each other enough and cleared their busy schedules to discuss the meaningful and the trivial aspects of their lives. Topics like “What is it like to always be ‘on’?” and “Can men and women really be just friends?” were explored. Together, they delved into deeper conversations.

In seasons two and three, the podcasts revolve around “50 First World Problems” submitted by listeners. They, for example, tackle a submission from listener Jelmer, who doesn’t know whether to engage in conversation with his taxi driver or not. Monica and Kaj share their experiences on this topic and invite experts in the field of taxis to weigh in. Thanks to Monica and Kaj’s healthy dose of humour, the podcast feels cosy and genuine.

The Online Sisterhood Podcast

The podcast “De Online Sisterhood” hasn’t been around for long, starting in 2022. Friends Widya Soraya and Paula Molina Montes de Oca (Coco) talk candidly and openly about self-development, spirituality, self-love, and much more.

How they started

The foundation of the podcast is the friendship between Widya and Coco. In an interview, Coco mentioned that the podcast aims to provide an online “safe space” for those who need it when it comes to discussing topics you’d typically chat about with your girlfriends. 

They want to show that growth doesn’t have to be perfect and share real stories without filters. “As a young woman, you can enjoy life in your own way,” Coco says. The topics covered are diverse. 

One episode discusses social media and its authenticity, exploring the projection of one’s insecurities onto others through social media and their true thoughts on the matter.

The podcast is released weekly, on Wednesdays.

2 engaging podcasts tailored for women 

To summarise, “Geuze en Gorgels,” hosted by Monica Geuze and Kaj Gorgels, offers a candid look at their friendship and humorous takes on various topics. 

“The Online Sisterhood,” hosted by Widya Soraya and Paula Molina Montes de Oca (Coco), aims to create a safe space for open conversations about self-development, spirituality, and self-love. Both podcasts offer unique perspectives and relatable discussions, making them excellent choices for women seeking entertaining and insightful content. 

Whether you’re interested in light-hearted banter or deeper self-exploration, these podcasts have something to offer, making them valuable additions to the world of women-centric audio content. 

Let this be an example to push towards success, no matter how the odds are stacked. If they can do it, you can start your own podcast too!

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