Key Considerations for Selecting the Best SMS Gateway Provider

For businesses, organizations, physicians and medical facilities, government agencies, local and group-based communities, political candidates, and faith-based groups, continuous communication with their base of people that have a vested interest in them is vital. There are many ways communication can be achieved. Each venue used has a specific benefit.


Ongoing communication with a base of people can always be accomplished by the traditional way of direct mail, which can be effective. Other communication tools include email, a specially designed interactive website, phone calls, blogs, and PSAs. However, one of the most powerful and effective tools is communication via text messages. Text message communications have a substantially higher open rate than almost any other form of communication.

Text Message Open Rates and Response Statistics

Because most Americans are keyed into their cell phones all day, text messages have proven to be the most highly effective communication avenue for all types of businesses, organizations, physicians and medical facilities, government agencies, local and group-based communities, political candidates, and faith-based groups. Open rates for text messages average between 80% and 95%. These are profoundly high percentages for a communication venue and are considered the best in the field of marketing and communications.

What Are SMS-Gateway Services

SMS services allow a sender to transmit a text message from any device to a series of phone numbers. The software platforms act like a translator to enable intra-device communication. Companies that provide SMS services help users to create a special program based on their needs so they can communicate via text messaging with the people in their base from multiple device platforms.

Defining Your Specific SMS Needs

Most SMS service providers offer packages that allow a specified number of text messages to be sent monthly, and the service fee they charge is based on how many text messages are sent out and, if needed, received.


Understanding your expected needs in advance is especially helpful when creating a package for services, including how many messages are needed monthly and how many recipients there will be. In most cases, SMS services are used for four primary purposes marketing, update and information communication, customer support, and internal communication.


In most cases, senders are looking for bulk messages to be drafted and sent via a laptop or desktop computer system to a series of cell phone numbers owned by people in their special recipient group.


However, in addition, to offering text-sending capabilities, a comprehensive SMS Gateway provider can also create a program that accepts return text messages from the receiver’s phones and translate that information to the sender’s device. When receiving a message back, SMS services can translate a returned text message to an email.


Another service offered allows for text messages to be sent to and from Messenger applications. This app can be especially helpful for boosting quick communication response time.

Choosing The Right SMS Provider

When looking for the right SMS provider, it’s essential to find a company that can cater to the specific needs of the sending group. Each business, group, organization, or service needing SMS services should take the time to define exactly what their ongoing service needs will be when seeking a provider.


It’s essential to find a provider that offers great customer support services, a variety of SMS package options that allow the service to be as customized as possible, a good trial period, and service fee packages that are offered on a monthly and annual basis with the ability to upgrade when needed. Having a good trial period allows a business, group, organization, or service group to make sure the program they are signing up for performs the right solution for proper workflow communication.

Expect Changes Over Time

SMS Gateway services are an exciting way to stay in touch in today’s fast-paced world. With excellent open rates and response capabilities, these services are unparalleled as a communication tool. It’s important to remember that SMS service needs may fluctuate over time depending on updates to group communication needs. Services can be temporarily boosted for special communication campaigns or a sudden increase in recipients. Working with a comprehensive SMS Gateway provider that offers flexibility is vital to address the ever-changing needs of many sending businesses, groups, organizations, or service groups.

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