Online Florida Contractor Continuing Education with RocketCert

With constant changes in building codes and regulations, continuing education (CE) is essential for Florida contractors to stay up-to-date and renew their licenses every two years. However, finding time for in-person classes can be a challenge. RocketCert provides a convenient solution through online Florida contractor continuing education courses approved by the state of Florida.

Available Courses

RocketCert offers a comprehensive selection of online CE courses specifically designed for Florida contractors. Their offerings include:

  • Florida Contractor Continuing Education (14 hours): Covers all topics required by the state for license renewal, including general topics, workplace safety, business practices, and more.
  • Miami-Dade County Contractor Continuing Education (16 hours): Satisfies both state and Miami-Dade County requirements, including specialized topics on local code and lien law.
  • Broward County Construction Continuing Education (4 hours): Addresses Broward County’s additional mandates on local code and Florida statute.
  • Modular courses (1-3 hours): Allow contractors to build a customized selection addressing any remaining hours needed.

RocketCert’s courses are pre-approved by licensing bodies and provide certificates of completion instantaneously online. This streamlines the renewal process.

Convenient Learning Platform

RocketCert understands the demands of running a business. That’s why they designed an intuitive online platform allowing contractors to learn on their schedule.

Courses are self-paced and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Users can easily start, stop, and resume lessons at their convenience. The mobile-responsive design even enables studying on the go. With lifetime access included, contractors have the flexibility to complete CE long before deadlines.

Trusted Provider

As a leading provider of online Florida contractor continuing education, RocketCert has served thousands of professionals. They take great care to ensure their content engages learners while strictly adhering to regulatory standards.

Instructors are industry experts who develop courses to equip contractors with practical skills. RocketCert also offers best-in-class customer support to answer any renewal or technical questions. Their reputation and approvals provide contractors confidence that CE will be accepted hassle-free.

Lifetime Access Included

Once CE hours are paid for, RocketCert provides lifetime access to the purchased courses. This ensures contractors can review material as needed without incurring extra costs. The ability to refresh key concepts year-round supports ongoing professional development. It also eases anxieties around preparing for audits after licenses are renewed.

Approval and Reporting

RocketCert is an approved CE provider with both the state construction licensing board and local county regulators. Courses display provider numbers for easy credit verification during the renewal process. Completion certificates immediately become available upon finishing courses. RocketCert additionally notifies the state within 24 hours of completion.

Expert Customer Service

RocketCert prides itself on being accessible whenever assistance is required. A live support team is available seven days a week to address technical issues or questions. Contractors receive the accountability and guidance needed to confidently complete CE hours on deadline. Timely correspondence ensures a smooth renewal experience.


Keeping up with changing regulations is a serious responsibility for contractors, but it doesn’t need to be a chore. RocketCert streamlines the CE process through high-quality, approved online courses. Their customer-centric approach ensures a seamless education experience. Now is the time to take control of your continuing education and set yourself up for a quick, hassle-free license renewal.

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