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Palette Play: Inspiring Wall Colour Ideas for Every Room

I consider myself a fairly jolly and colourful person so naturally, all of my homes have been dominated by different colours. I like to have bright colours in my living room; for my bedroom, I prefer to have more calming and mild toned colours. Few months ago, I got to know that I was going to move to Delhi and hence I started searching for a flat in Delhi for rent. When searching I always look at how the appearance and atmosphere of a space may be drastically altered by selecting the appropriate paint colour for the walls. It may be challenging to discover the ideal colour palette for any room in the house, whether you want to create a tranquil bedroom retreat, a lively living room, or a cosy work area.

To assist you in your endeavour, we have compiled a list of options for you to consider about the wall colour combination of each space. Let’s investigate all the alternatives, from calming neutrals to bright colours!

1. Serene Bedroom Retreat

Colours like “Tranquil Sea” and “Misty Morning,” both light blue shades, may evoke a feeling of peace and calm. To create a well-balanced and pleasant environment with bedroom colour ideas, combine these chilly colours with warm neutrals such as “Creamy Beige” or “Whispering Wheat.”

2. Vibrant Living Room

If you want to make a statement in your living room, choose living room paint ideas that are bright and vivid. You may want to consider painting an accent wall in a rich, dark colour such as “Enchanted Forest” or “Fiery Red.” On the remaining walls, paint milder colours, such as “Soft Sand” or “Sunny Yellow”, to balance the colours’ respective intensities. This mix results in an environment that is animated and full of vitality.

3. Cosy Study Space

Warm, earthy tones are your best bet for creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your study space. Warm colours like “Cocoa Brown” and “Warm Terracotta” give the space a sense of dimension and cosiness. Create a classy but cosy environment by combining these hues with accents in milky whites and gentle greys, such as “Cloud White” or “Silvery Mist,” respectively.

4. Refreshing Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing hideaway with the help of some revitalising paint colours. Shades of cold mints, such as “Soothing Mint” or “Cool Breeze,” elicit the observer’s feelings of cleanliness and calm. To round off the appearance, add some crisp white accents, such as “Pure White” or “Winter Frost,” to amplify the feeling of openness and cleanliness in the room.

5. Playful Kids’ Room

Allow your child’s imagination to run wild by designing a kids’ room with a colour scheme that is colourful and full of life. Think about using a range of vibrant and upbeat colours, such as “Bubblegum Pink,” “Lime Zest,” and “Electric Blue.” Make strategic use of these colours as highlights on feature walls or furniture, but keep the other walls in neutral tones such as “Cotton Cloud” or “Pebble Grey” for a sense of harmony.

6. Elegant Dining Room

Rich hues may give your dining room’s ambience sophistication and refinement, making it ideal for hosting formal dinner parties. The rich jewel tones “Royal Purple” and “Emerald Green” provide the room with an air of luxury and drama. A glamorous atmosphere may be achieved by combining these tones with metallic accents and warm neutrals such as “Champagne Gold” or “Sandstone Beige.”

7. Calming Nursery

Using gentle pastels may help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the nursery you’re designing for your baby. Colours like “Powder Pink” and “Baby Blue” help create a calming and kind atmosphere. To maintain the room’s openness and brightness, sprinkle in hints of white and light grey paint, such as “Crisp Linen” or “Silver Cloud.”

8. An Inviting Entrance

If you want to make a lasting first impression of your flat in Delhi for rent, the key is to have an entrance that is both inviting and friendly. Choose toasty neutrals such as “Toasted Almond” or “Honeycomb” to elicit a feeling of cosiness in the room. If you want to make the room more fascinating, you may want to add a splash of colour, such as “Sunset Orange” or “Teal Waters,” via some artwork or accent furniture.

9. Home Office Productivity

Give your home office a boost in productivity by using energising and concentrated colours. Concentration and creativity may be enhanced by the colour green with a subdued undertone, such as “Sage Leaf” or “Olive Grove.” To create an atmosphere conducive to harmony and inspiration in the workplace, combine these elements with accents in earthy tones such as “Caramel Brown” or “Autumn Spice.”

10. Energising Home Gym 

If you want to keep your motivation levels up in your home gym, use lively and energising colours. On an accent wall, you may want to consider selecting a daring and energising hue, such as “Electric Lime” or “Vibrant Orange.” You may do this by balancing it with neutral tones such as “Slate Grey” or “Cool Concrete” to make your exercise setting exciting while allowing you to concentrate.

Remember that the examples shown here are only suggestions meant to spark your creativity as you search for the perfect paint colours for each room. Consider the lighting circumstances, your tastes, and the overall look you are going for. Getting the interior design of the home planned and executed was the next thing on my agenda and the NoBroker interior designer in Delhi and their team helped me beautify the home too!

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