Penalty Card Bets: Exploring Yellow Card and Red Card Betting in Football

Admittedly, the types of side bets in football betting are increasingly loved and chosen by many players when participating in betting. The most mentioned is the penalty card game. A type of bet that has nothing to do with the outcome of the match or the throw-ins or corners that are made Instead, players need to pay attention to the number of penalty cards in the hand drawn during the match. So what is the penalty card bet? Let’s find out about this article on this site!     

Yellow card, red card in football betting

A penalty card bet is a type of bet where, when playing, you need to predict how many penalty cards will be drawn in the match. The player then proceeds to place a bet based on the odds offered by the house.

In general, the penalty card bet is a type of side bet offered by the house that increases the player’s betting options. However, according to the opinion, the penalty card bet is quite difficult to hit and has a high risk. Therefore, inexperienced players are very likely to lose a lot of money on this type of bet.

Types of penalty cards in football betting

Penalty card bets are played in the first half, good half, or full match. In which the valid card must be a penalty card drawn within the range of the pitch. In the event that the penalty card is drawn by the coach, the substitute player will not be counted.

Handicap bets

The bookie will give a handicap related to the penalty card for the upper and lower bets. Players will have the task of betting on an appropriate bet that they think will win in this market.

Oversight bets

The player makes a prediction about the total number of cards drawn during the match. This sum is larger or smaller than the odds offered by the house for you to decide whether to choose Over or Under to bet.


Players will predict whether the total number of penalty cards drawn during the match will be even or odd. In this bet, the house can also calculate for you whether the total yellow card or the total red card is an even or odd number to bet.

In general, this is a pretty good bet and has a high win rate. So you should take advantage of this bet when playing penalty cards.

Yellow card bet

Players bet on how many yellow cards will appear in the match. The number of red cards drawn by the referee will not be included in this bet.

Red-card bet

How many red cards are drawn in the match? In this bet, even two yellow cards will not be counted by the house in the red card bet.                 

Predict how many cards the player will receive

Players bet on how many penalty cards will be received by one player. This bet mainly appears in big matches to help players have more types of bets to participate in betting.

Experience in betting on effective penalty cards

Consider a penalty card bet based on luck to win, However, if you know how to apply more experience to betting on penalty cards below, You will be able to increase your chances of winning the bet. That is:

  • Who is the referee who calls the match you are betting on? What country are they from? What is this referee’s card history? This information will help you evaluate and choose the correct penalty card bet when placing a bet.
  • Find out information about each team’s play style. If you see a team with a solid kick, there will often be a large number of penalty cards drawn in the game.
    Players should bet on penalty cards in regional Derby matches with the participation of teams with early historical traditions. In these matches, the players often play with the most “bloody” mentality. Therefore, the number of penalty cards will be large.
  • Above is all the knowledge to help you participate in the most effective penalty card betting. Hopefully, this knowledge will be successfully applied by you in any match that you bet on.

In conclusion, penalty card bets are a type of side bet in football betting that involves predicting the number of penalty cards that will be drawn during a match. Unlike traditional bets on match outcomes or other game events, penalty card bets focus solely on the cards shown by the referee. There are various types of penalty card bets, including handicap bets, oversight bets, odds bets, yellow card bets, red card bets, and bets on the number of cards received by a specific player.

While penalty card bets offer additional betting options and excitement for players, they are considered to be challenging and high-risk. Inexperienced bettors may find it difficult to accurately predict the number of penalty cards, leading to potential financial losses. However, with the right approach and knowledge, the chances of winning such bets can be increased.

To improve the likelihood of success in penalty card betting, it is recommended to consider factors such as the referee officiating the match, their card history, and the playing style of the teams involved. Researching the referee’s tendencies and the teams’ playing styles can provide valuable insights into the likelihood of penalty cards being shown. For example, matches with referees known for issuing many cards or teams that play aggressively might have a higher number of penalty cards.

Furthermore, it can be beneficial to focus on regional Derby matches that involve teams with a history of intense rivalries. These matches tend to have a more intense atmosphere, potentially leading to a higher number of penalty cards being shown.

Overall, while penalty card bets can be challenging, taking into account relevant information and applying strategic thinking can increase the chances of making successful predictions. It is important for bettors to approach penalty card bets with caution, considering their level of experience and willingness to take risks.

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