Play Chess Like a Pro. Here are Some Tips and Strategies!

Chess is an exciting game that requires practice and training. It is a board game played with multiple pieces between two people. This game requires the players to exercise their mental abilities to find the best way of pulling a checkmate against the opponent.

How to Play a Chess Game?

People famously describe chess as a game for intelligent people. Anyone who wants to play chess needs to know how to play the chess game in detail. We have enlisted the main points that will help you understand the basic playing strategy in a chess game:

Each Chess Board has Alternate Black and White Squares

  • Each player starts with their pieces arranged on the first two rows on their side of the board. The first row consists of the significant chess pieces. Each move in a specific way. The second row consists of the pawns that can only move forward one square at a time, except in the first move, they take where they can move two squares.
  • The Rooks, Knights, and Bishops are vital pieces that can help you protect your King and capture troops of the army of your opponent’s team.
  • The Rooks move vertically and horizontally, the Knights move in an L-shaped pattern and can jump over pieces, and the Bishops move diagonally.
  • The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board and can move horizontally, diagonally, and vertically.
  • The King is the most vital piece and can move only one square at a time. Either vertically or horizontally. The King has to be saved from the opponent’s pieces at all costs.

Once you get accustomed to the basic movement of the pieces on the chess board, you can start playing the game, but it is important to note that you won’t win a game instantly. You must practice and hone your chess playing skills to win a game.

Intelligent Methods for Winning Chess Games

Protect the King: The King has limited movement, and you will lose when your opponent captures the King. The checkmate happens when the King gets trapped by the opponent’s pieces. The checkmate situation arises when no one can protect the King. Or when the opponent’s pieces have left no square safe for moving the King. As a chess player, you must ensure that your opponent does not jeopardize the King as it spells doom.

Castle Quickly: Castling is a move that can be done when there is no peace between the Rook and the King in the first row of your side of the board. It is similar to a switch move that allows the King to move two squares towards the Rook, and the Rook comes to the other side of the King. It is a protective measure to avoid the capture of the King by the opponent’s pieces.

Ensure Room for Moving Bishops: The bishops move diagonally and can capture significant pieces, but they need room to move forward, so it is vital to move the pawns at the very first step two squares forward so that the bishop can move out and attack. In the beginning, you can move your pawns into two squares. After that, they can only move one square.

Don’t Lose Vital Pieces: The chess game entails capturing chess pieces by both players, but ensure you are not endangering a crucial piece such as the Queen for moving forward. Always check for the opponent’s chess pieces open to capture yours, then move your powerful chess pieces accordingly.

Capture Opponent’s Pieces: Using your pawns to capture the opponent’s chess piece is a good strategy. Move your battle pieces forward to the middle of the board. Thus, you must mandatorily capture all the unprotected chess pieces your opponent has with them.

Try to Corner the Opponent’s King: The game ends with a checkmate. So, your most important objective is to lay a trap for capturing the opponent’s King. Instead of marching forward with only one piece to check the King, you must sensibly place other chess pieces on the board where the opponent’s King can seek refuge. Therefore, while defending your troop is vital, the main aim is to create an entrapment for the rival’s King. It will ultimately help you win the game. Checkmate is the ultimate goal. Thus, be the first to say checkmate to win the game.

Conclusion: The Crucial and Significant Takeaways

Online chess has made it simpler for chess players to take part in a chess game in the virtual world. They can play with players from all over the world and connect with chess lovers across the globe. In gaming websites like PlayerzPot, individuals can play chess for cash rewards. Interested players can use their chess-playing skills in the chess pots available on their app.

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