Raymond TenX Habitat Review

As an investment banker, I spend a lot of time thinking about numbers, making plans, and making choices based on what I know. So, when it came time to look for flats for sale in Mumbai, I knew I had to use the same attention to detail and study skills I use at work. I bought an apartment not only to have a place to call my own but also because I thought it was a good investment. I was looking for a place to live that would be comfortable, have current amenities, and have the chance to go up in value over time. So here I am, sharing my Raymond Ten X Habitat review, where I call my home!

How I Came to Know About the Raymond TenX Habitat Project

I heard about Raymond Ten X Habitat for the first time from a coworker who had just moved into the building. I was interested in how excitedly they talked about the amenities and the general living experience. But I’m not the type to make choices based only on what others say. 

After reading several great Raymond Ten X Habitat reviews, I saw it myself. The experience was even better than what the internet said it would be. The neighbourhood’s friendliness, the care taken with every inch, and the way practicality and beauty were skillfully mixed made an impact that will last. It stood out among the many properties for sale in Mumbai that I visited. 

Raymond TenX Habitat Amenities I Enjoy the Most

Retail Plaza: Imagine having a retail plaza right in your complex, where everything from necessities to shops is just a stone’s throw away. The Raymond Ten X Habitat shopping centre is as convenient and helpful as possible.

Lap Pool: The lap pool is a peaceful oasis where you can rest and recharge. This pool is a quiet place to swim in the morning or the evening.

Events Plaza: This open-air space is excellent for all events, from community gatherings to parties.

Track for bikes: You can get fit and have fun at the bicycle track. Whether you like to ride bikes or just stay active, this track can help you live a healthy life.

House of Tea: Raymond TenX Habitat amenities also offer a tea house, a place to think and relax. Enjoy the moment with a cup of tea in a peaceful setting.

Tunnel of Flowers: Walk through the charming flower tunnel, a long path of flowers that is beautiful and charming in its own right.

Pond for Fish: The fish pond isn’t just pretty to look at; it’s also a quiet place that brings peace and calm. Courts for tennis: People who like to play tennis also have a place to play. Play exciting games on well-kept courts in the middle of a lively neighbourhood.

Play in the Central Forest: Let the kids play and explore in the centre forest play area; a unique mix of nature and adventure piques their interest.

Skateboard/Skate Rink: For people who like to skate or skateboard, the rink is a safe place to enjoy the thrill of moving on wheels.

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A House In Raymond Ten X Habitat

1. Raymond Ten X Habitat price

The Raymond Ten X Habitat price is surprisingly low, considering the high-end features and modern way of life they offer. The price range starts from 1.5 crores for 2 BHK homes. I bought mine for 1.8 crores only. 

2. Popular Location

This living complex is in the middle of the city, making it easy to get to offices, schools, and shopping centres. The bus stops at Khopat S.T. Terminus and Vihang Garden are only 3–7 minutes away. Thane Eye Care Hospital, Chiranjeevi Hospital, and other places to get medical care are all within 6-7 minutes of each other. Bal Vikas Vidyamandir and Bharat English High School are well-known schools only 4 minutes away.

3. Reliable Builders

Raymond Realty is one of the best real estate companies in Mumbai. Their slogan is “Go Beyond,” they build beautiful skyscrapers throughout the city. Raymond Realty has been a brand for more than 97 years and has built trust by building luxury homes for a long time. The company has made a name for itself and is still building unique projects today.
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