Signs That You Need An Experienced Attorney After A Motorcycle Accident

If you’re a motorcyclist, you know the joy and freedom that comes with riding your bike around town, on scenic road trips, or cross-country. However, you are also probably aware that you are at risk for being involved in an accident. Motorcycle accidents are common and can result in injuries ranging from road rash to crushing injuries to traumatic brain injuries. If you’ve been involved in an accident, you may need to make a claim to ensure you get compensated for your losses.

Here are some signs you should start looking for motorcycle accident attorneys near me.

The Accident Was Not Your Fault

In many cases, a motorcycle accident is the fault of the other driver as he or she failed to look at their surroundings properly and the result was striking someone on a motorcycle. If you’ve been hit by a vehicle—or even another motorcyclist—while obeying all the traffic laws, you may need to seek out an experienced personal injury attorney. 

You’ve Been Injured 

It’s usually pretty obvious you need an attorney if you’ve experienced a serious injury such as a crushed limb, head, neck, or spinal injury, or any other type of injury that sent you to the emergency room. However, even seemingly minor injuries can lead to bigger problems in the future. For example, a concussion or neck injury may just seem like a nuisance at the time of the accident, but can cause major physical and mental problems weeks or even months after the accident. No matter what your injury, you should always consult with an attorney after an accident to see if you have a case.

You Have Mounting Medical Bills and/or are Missing Work 

After an accident, it’s common to have large medical bills and to miss work due to physical pain or mental suffering. If you have mounting bills and are not sure how you are going to pay them and if you’re worried about missing paychecks or even losing your job, it’s time to reach out to an experienced attorney. 

You Do Not Know How to Navigate an Injury Claim 

Navigating the insurance world and legal system is frustrating at best and can take all your time, energy, and mental capacity. This is the last thing you need to do if you’re also trying to maintain your job while recovering from an accident. When you work with an experienced attorney, you can transfer all the work and stress to them and concentrate on getting back to your regular life. 

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Near Me 

Decided you need an attorney after your motorcycle accident? The best way to choose accident attorneys near me is to ask others who have been involved in accidents who they worked with and if they’d recommend them. You can also look at online reviews to see which local attorneys have five-star reviews and research them on their websites. Schedule a free consultation with potential candidates, ask them a variety of questions, and always go with the attorney you feel most confident will win your case. 

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