Strategic Marketing: The Key to Business Success

Strategic marketing is a method of marketing that focuses on understanding the customers and uses this understanding to create a marketing plan. It’s about finding out what makes your business unique from others and using those strengths to give more value to your customers. Learn kreative skills.

Businesses that have a clear and documented marketing plan are actually practising strategic marketing, which is crucial for the business to succeed. It involves defining marketing goals that align with the overall business goals and then successfully achieving them. In simple terms, strategic marketing is about gathering the necessary information to formulate and implement an effective marketing plan.

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About InPD’s Director Development Programme – Strategic Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors

This course by In Professional Development, called Strategic Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors, is designed to teach you about the steps and methods used in planning and strategizing for marketing. It helps you understand the problems a business might face and how strategic planning in marketing can solve these issues.

This course is not just beneficial for you, but also for your company. By learning strategic marketing, you will become better at your job, feel more confident, and have more influence in high-level company meetings. Plus, you’ll be able to bring new thoughts, models, and ideas to the table that can boost the performance of your team and your whole organization.

QualificationPostgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors – Optional
Duration2 Days
LocationVirtual, Central Manchester, Central London
Delivery method and PriceVirtual Classroom: £1,200 + VAT, Face to Face Classroom: £1,400 + VAT

Tailored Services

Here at In Professional Development, we deal with a wide range of clients, each with unique needs. Our account management team works with you to craft bespoke training programmes designed to help you achieve your business goals. We make it easier to enhance your organisation’s presence by offering the necessary skills and expertise.

We currently offer our training and education services both online and in-person to professionals nationwide. Participants in our training, including those looking for executive coaching, have the freedom to choose a location that suits them best.

Our Happy Clients

We’ve trained thousands of individuals from both budding startups and established corporations through our programmes. We’ve created custom training for some prominent names in various industries, such as Adobe, DHL, the Ministry of Justice, and the ADHD Foundation.

Our academic partner is the University of East London. Thanks to this partnership, we’re able to offer three primary leadership courses: the Advanced Management Programme, the Strategic Leadership Programme, and the Higher Education Leadership Programme. Notable organisations like American Express and the English Football League have participated in our CMI programmes.

Course Prerequisites and Eligibility

There’s no prior experience needed to enrol in our courses. We’re here to assist organisations and individuals of all scales and sectors. However, for our leadership and management classes, we generally suggest that you have at least three years of work experience in a senior management role. Courses in this category include the Mini MBA, the Senior Leadership Programme, and the Directors Development Programme.

Inclusivity Matters

In Professional Development upholds the values of its founding visionaries, with a commitment to exceptional business education. Our adaptable teams are quick to respond to evolving circumstances and new requirements. If our delegates have any special needs, we’ll do everything in our power to meet them.

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