The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most impactful technologies used across the globe right now. While industries like life sciences, telecommunications and more put AI to optimal use, cyber security has also incorporated it recently. Many companies across industries demand that you pursue a Cyber Security Course that teaches you how to use AI in the security architecture of the organisation. In these modern times, the role of artificial intelligence in the cyber security industry is rapidly growing and is set to evolve further in the future. In this blog, you will learn more about the role and importance of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, by definition, is the simulation, or replication of intelligence by machines or computers.  In simpler terms, AI can be described as a non-living machine exercising the power of thought and intelligence of a living being. In recent years, AI has been a popular technological development, giving birth to prevalent models worldwide such as ChatGPT, Dall-E and much more. 

What is Cyber Security

The process of protecting the devices connected to the internet is called cyber security strategy. Cyber Security protects hardware, software and data from the threats posed by cyber criminals. Organisations and individuals use this technology to restrict any unauthorised access to their resources. 

 Benefits of Cyber Security

  1. It can protect organisations against internet attacks and breaches of data.
  2. It can protect plenty of data and resources.
  3. It can restrict unauthorised access from unwanted users.
  4. It guarantees unrestricted continuity of business
  5. It helps sustain or protect the image or reputation of an organisation.  

Challenges of Cyber Security

  1. A constant challenge that cyber security has to face is the constantly evolving hackers who are responsible for the loss of data.
  2. Privacy and risk management are also risks of evolving cybercriminals.
  3. Just as cyber security is growing at an unprecedented rate, the frequency of attacks is also experiencing a hike.
  4. With the evolving nature of security risks, cyber security faces the choice of adapting to the changes or perishing. 

 Role and need of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

The role and need of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security is a well-defined one as AI improves the analysis methods of security and also helps understand cybercrime. Delving deeper, here are the benefits and limitations of the use of AI in cyber security. 

 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

  1. AI develops higher intelligence over time, as the technology takes help from machine learning and deep learning.
  2. AI assists an organisation or individual in identifying unknown threats.
  3. AI can protect a lot of data at once, 

Limitations of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Even though the use of AI is a huge beneficiary of the cyber security industry, it still is not error-proof by any means. An increased frequency of cyber attacks hint that the large data reservoirs are high-priority targets for cyber criminals.


Artificial intelligence has a huge role in strengthening the cyber security industry. The rapidly evolving technology has made a huge impact on the industry with its innovative approach. Yet, just as it provides benefits, AI also has certain limitations when used in the field of cyber security.

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