Top 5 Winter Fabrics that Keep You Warm

In many areas of Pakistan where the winters are short, many women make do with summer fabrics, pairing them with oversized sweaters or ordinary shawls to stay warm. While this is economical, this option is not feasible when you must step out of your house for a night out or a formal gathering.

So, for outings, there’s no option but to keep your wardrobe updated with some winter clothing. But given the economic situation, you would want to invest in the right fabrics.

Sure, there must be many winter collections with numerous designs and intricate patterns on a plethora of fabrics, but which ones will keep you warm when you step out of your house? The best investment will make sure that you don’t only look stylish, but also stay warm and comfortable.

For your ease, we have compiled a list top 5 winter fabrics that are bound to keep you warm:

1.      Chambre

Chambray is a lightweight woven fabric perfect for the less-chilly winter days (or nights!). The best part about Chambre is that it looks amazing in both rich and pastel colors. The best chambre outfits I found this season were from Alkaram Studio’s 2023 unstitched winter collection.  

The outfits strike the perfect balance between warmth and breathability, perfect for keeping it light and looking slender. If you are a working woman, chambre is a must-have fabric in your wardrobe for the less-chilly winter days.

We have often seen Nida Siddiqui, the First Female Head of Ecommerce wearing both bright and pastel colored chambre outfits from Alkaram Studio’s winter collection for meetings as the winter season approaches.

2.      Karandi

Karandi is a popular choice for the winter season due to its thick texture. This fabric is made from cotton or wool, perfect for keeping warm during the cold winter days and nights.  

The best part about the Karandi fabric is that it offers the perfect canvas for embroidery. Alkaram Studio’s winter collection has a range of karandi dresses with intricate embroidery patterns that give the wearer the most exquisite look.

Alkaram Studio’s 2023 winter collection also has mirror-work karandi dresses that create a fusion of traditional and modern elements. The color palette and the intricate mirror and thread work along with the warmth of the fabric make it the perfect choice for formal winter wear.

3.      Viscose

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber known for its soft and silky feel. Viscose is a popular fabric in both summer and winter seasons. But if you’re shopping for winters, here are some viscose variations that you can look out for in Alkaram Studio’s winter collection:

  •         Cross Slub Viscose
  •         Twill Viscose
  •         Cocktail Viscose
  •         Staple Slub Viscose

4.      Cambric

Cambric offers the perfect canvas for embroidery in summer collections. But thickened cambric is a popular winter fabric too – particularly because it doesn’t look overly thick and keeps warm.  

5.      Khaddar

The traditional khaddar fabric is known for its warmth which is why it is one of the most popular winter fabrics. With geometric patterns, khaddar can look great for casual wear or work wear in the winter season. Alkaram Studio’s Winter Collection has a number of khaddar unstitched pieces with prints that are perfect for both casual and workwear.

Khaddar 2-piece outfits work great with shawls. But you can also go for 3-piece khaddar suits with khaddar dupattas if you want to pull off a sophisticated and elegant look.

Final Words

Even though khaddar is what comes to mind when you think about winter fabrics, there are a lot more winter fabrics that you can choose to keep warm without compromising on your style. This article presents 5 winter fabrics that you must have in your winter wardrobe and enjoy the winter days to the fullest.


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