Top Places in Miami for Mixing Business with Pleasure

Miami is a popular tourist destination on the Atlantic Coast. This city is a famous hub for domestic and international commerce. So, it makes sense to host corporate events here. Or you could plan a business-cum-leisure trip for your clients. The city has an excellent scope to let people mix business with pleasure.

Apart from boasting fantastic places to host business events, the city also has impressive rental services. Exotic Miami rentals are known to provide a fabulous fleet of luxury cars, just the perfect thing to have during a business event.

You can rent luxury cars to pick up your clients from the airport and show them around in the city. You can arrange for luxury vehicles for the event, as the services also provide rentals for various kinds of events. Or if you are simply hosting a quiet business lunch for your business associate, you can have a chauffeur-driven luxury car for the day.

Such gestures play a significant role in showcasing your brand image. You leave a lasting impression not only on your business but also on your taste.

Why is Miami an excellent choice for business-cum-pleasure?

Miami is a financial leader of the nation. It is regarded as a major trading hub. Industries like commerce, entertainment, and media are flourishing here. The city boasts of a variety of businesses. Downtown Miami is famous for being a hub of big corporate houses and international banks. Miami has a strong economy. It attracts many businesses to set up shop here.

No wonder, the city hosts plenty of business events. Perhaps that’s the reason rentals are into renting cars exclusively for events.

Even the climate of Miami favors business activities. The city has a tropical monsoon climate. This means the winters are comfortable, and summers are equator-like.

The city boasts vast green spaces, excellent architecture, and a rich culture that attracts tourists and businesspeople from various parts of the world.

In addition, Miami is famous for being a city for fun activities. You have plenty of entertainment options. This also is one of the reasons to host your business event or client meeting in this magic city. And to add to the splendor of your event, rent a BMW in Miami and impress your client.

Beaches and business

Who says you cannot have a business meeting at the beach? Beaches form an integral and one of the most fascinating parts of Miami. Sandy beaches offering a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean not only calms the senses but also bring clarity of thoughts. This could be a perfect spot to mix business with pleasure.

Miami is a great city to do business, entertain your business guests and host events that promise to leave a lasting impact on the minds of your business associates.

Here are a few terrific spots to visit with your business partners:

The Boca Raton Museum of Art:

Just about a 45-minute drive from Miami, the Boca Raton Museum of Art is a great place to be for lovers of art and culture. The museum has over 5000 multicultural artworks that span eras.

You can also host a business event here, as the museum has a Grand Hall and the Wolgin Auditorium. It also has a Sculpture Garden, which offers a splendid outdoor option for gatherings. The areas are customizable to accommodate around 400 people at a time.

The museum has become one of the most preferred venues for corporate venues lately. As you stroll inside the museum, you feel like “Alice in Wonderland,” but this is a different kind of wonderland.

What’s more? You can also find a Boca Raton exotic car rental. So, if you drove in your own vehicle from Miami, you can rent an exotic car here just for a change. How about renting a sports car? It’s time you had moments of thrill!

Douglas Entrance

Douglas Entrance is a famous landmark of Miami. It was built in 1927 and was known as La Puerta Del Sol, which means “Gate of the Sun.” The venue welcomes you with a gorgeous fountain. The Grand Staircase provides a stunning indoor and outdoor spot for hosting cocktail parties.

This is a splendid place to showcase your brand value and also to arrive in style and sophistication in a luxury car.

The Cruz Building:

This 3-storey building features a distinct architecture connoting the finesse of French and European style. The brick arches, stained-glass ceiling, sculptures dating back to the 19th century, and other such fascinating elements make you feel as if you have traveled back in time.

This amazing place has several rooms that are perfect for hosting corporate events and photoshoots. You can host formal dinners and even parties here.

You ought to reach the venue in a luxury car for a grandiose arrival.

Before you book any of the above places, ensure you book a luxury car. This is because you may not always get your choice car at the last minute. The rentals are quite busy, and their fleet is in huge demand. You can check the availability of the car online by entering the dates of pickup and delivery.

It is better to search for the nearest exotic car rentals as soon as possible and book your car.

Are you looking for something different from the above venues?

Then come to the Ancient Spanish Monastery.

Ancient Spanish Monastery

This is a 12th-century enchanting place that makes you feel you are in Europe. Spanish oaks, exotic palms, and big gardens are sprawled in around 20 acres of land. This makes for a perfect outdoor venue for your business event, even for weddings. Lots of rooms are available here that can host receptions, ceremonies, cocktail events, and more.

So, if you want to showcase your brand image in the most impressive and glamorous manner, come to Miami. In addition, contact the luxury rentals and book some of the swankiest car models that promise to take your brand value to newer heights.

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