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Transform Your Outdoor Haven: The Unmatched Allure of Insulated Garden Rooms


Embrace the beauty of year-round outdoor living with Insulated Garden Rooms, a testament to comfort, craftsmanship, and bespoke elegance. In this exploration, we unravel the enchanting features of these unique spaces, highlighting the exceptional attributes of Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms and how they redefine the concept of a tranquil retreat.

Insulated Garden Rooms: Elevating Outdoor Living

Crafted for Comfort:

Immerse yourself in the warmth and insulation offered by Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms. The 18mm Western Red Cedar cladding, strategically designed with varying shades, creates a visually stunning exterior. This wood’s low density and exceptional thermal properties make it a superior choice, surpassing traditional materials like brick and steel.

Structural Brilliance:

The 95mm x 45mm framework structure ensures both resilience and durability. The walls, a symphony of breathability and insulation, feature a breathable membrane, 75mm Celotex insulation, and a vapor barrier. The UPVC fascia boards crown the roof, adding a touch of sophistication to the structure.

Interior Sophistication:

Step into a realm of interior elegance with the 9mm moisture-resistant MDF finished with a V groove pattern, creating a stylish panel effect. The pristine white finish, achieved through factory spraying, exudes sophistication. The doors and windows, crafted from UPVC with 4/20/4 TGH double glazing, strike a balance between insulation and natural light.

Year-Round Pleasure:

The floor, insulated with 75mm PIR boards and finished with 18mm OSB, completes the thermal enclosure, ensuring a comfortable ambiance throughout the year. The meticulous attention to detail, coupled with precise measurements, underlines a commitment to excellence.

Bespoke Outdoor Living: Your Vision, Our Creation

Tailored Perfection:

Prestige Garden Rooms, with its wealth of experience, transforms outdoor spaces into personalized havens. Each garden room is bespoke, seamlessly integrating with any space and catering to individual preferences.

Work and Leisure Harmony:

Whether you seek a home office or a retreat for relaxation, these insulated garden rooms offer versatility. The insulation ensures a cozy atmosphere, making them functional in all seasons.

Our Craftsmanship Journey: Precision and Passion

Expert Installation:

Our dedicated fitting team, boasting years of experience, ensures a flawless installation process. Visit our show site at Pacific Nurseries WS9 0PH to witness the quality of our workmanship firsthand.

Passion-Infused Craft:

At Prestige Garden Rooms, our workforce is driven by passion. We don’t just create structures; we craft experiences that enhance your outdoor living space, providing enduring pleasure.

The Prestige Commitment: Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Complete Satisfaction:

We understand the significance of your investment. That’s why we provide a 5-year guarantee on all our buildings, ensuring your peace of mind. Our commitment to transparency means our quotes encompass the entire package.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Lifestyle with Prestige Garden Rooms

In conclusion, Insulated Garden Rooms redefine the possibilities of outdoor living. With a focus on insulation, aesthetic appeal, and personalized craftsmanship, these garden rooms from Prestige are a gateway to unmatched luxury. Transform your outdoor haven into a year-round retreat, where comfort meets bespoke elegance. Your personalized escape awaits – let Prestige Garden Rooms be the architect of your outdoor sanctuary.

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