Why Choose Android for Your Mobile App Development Project In 2023?

Android operating system has been a popular platform for many app developers for the last few years. It offers a rich user experience and generates higher revenue than the iOS app market. Because of various unique features, app developers are choosing Android platforms to launch their apps.

Many food delivery apps and grocery delivery apps choose Android over iOS platforms these days. There are many reasons to choose the Android operating system over iOS. This blog lists all the major reasons to choose the Android operating system.

Major benefits of choosing the Android operating system over the iOS system

Android system has a wider user base than the iOS system because of the different benefits such as:

  1. Easy for customizations in the app

Apps with customized options are more successful than simple apps. Most businesses today develop apps with customizations. You can hire the Android mobile app Development Company for developing robust and customized mobile apps with the required features.

  1. Simple to develop and launch

Developing an Android app is easier than developing an iOS app.  android apps are very flexible and have user-friendly interfaces for ease of use. android apps get more releases than iOS apps every year. On the other hand, the iOS apps face many rejections.

Google Play Store has always simplified the release of mobile apps. Apart from that, the publishing of Android apps is also faster than iOS apps. Due to good speed, many small businesses are choosing Android apps for releasing their apps. Furthermore, the Android system helps to develop- apps according to the size of the screen, types and device features.

  1. Wider user base

Android user base is larger than the iOS user base. It also has a greater market share than the iOS market. android apps are widely used by people all over the globe. They contribute a larger share in the market than iOS apps. Many markets in the world use Android apps because of their smart features and ease of use.

  1. Cost-effective app for launch

Businesses have to fulfil many tasks at a low budget. android apps are cost-effective and easy to build. It is easy for startups and small businesses to develop an Android app because of the low budget. Besides, Google Play Store also has low registration fees. These reasons make startups choose Android platforms to develop their apps. android Play Store is more affordable than iOS platforms.

  1. Multilingual support

One of the major reasons to choose the Android platform is that it offers multilingual support. android apps generally include more than 100 languages for users.

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