Who Will Win WWE Universal Championship Belt At Summerslam 2023

Here I have congregated the facts and figure about – who will win WWE Universal Championship belt at Summerslam 2023? Well; After the Battleground 2023 event where WWE World Champion ‘Dean Ambrose’ defeated Roman Reigns and Seth Rollin in triple threat match, the CBO of WWE ‘Stephanie McMahon’ with the collaboration of G.M. of RAW ‘Mick Foley’ announced the brand new championship with the named as “WWE Universal Championship” on 25th July episode of Monday Night Raw. They announced that the inaugural match of WWE universal championship will be frolicked at the upcoming event of the Summerslam 2023 on 21st August, 2023 at Barclays Center. Afterwards, as per the lineups two contenders Seth Rollins and Finn Balor have been qualified into the WWE SumerSlam Lineup card. Now we are all in seek that who will win WWE Universal Championship belt Seth Rollins or Finn Balor. I have made up 80% possible speculations about this query because I am watching Seth and Finn since 90s. Although Seth is much famous among WWE fans and viewers in all over the world but on the other hand we can’t underestimate the Finn Balor. Keep on reading for speculations and Predictions.

Who Will Win WWE Universal Championship Belt At Summerslam 2023

Who Will Win WWE Universal Championship Belt At Summerslam 2023

WWE Universal Championship Belt

On 25th July, 2023 the episode of Monday Night Raw Authority of the RAW controllers Stephanie and Mick Foley has announced a brand new championship promoted and rival of the WWE World Championship. It is one of the two world titles in the promotion that is exclusive of the RAW. The design of belt is not yet defined and it is been expecting that the design of this belt will be shown on night of WWE Summerslam 2023. So let’s see which the WWE Universal Championship Belt Design is…

WWE Universal Championship Lineup

Roman Reigns Vs Finn Barol

Who Will Win WWE Universal Championship Belt

Seth Rollins At a Glance

Well the Seth Rollins return from his leg injury with a better form as he beat the former WWE Champions Roman Reigns in Money in the Bag Event although the match was won by Dean Ambrose, as well as he also didn’t pinned up in the Battleground 2023 by Dean Ambrose. Moreover Seth has been the former Mr. Money in the Bank 2014 and the US Champion as well as he has also been the FIP World Heavyweight Champion.

Finn Balor At a Glance

Finn has been qualified for the WWE Universal Championship by defeating the Roman Reigns. First Finn defeated the Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Rusev in the Fatal 4-Way match and Roman Reigns defeat the Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn and Sheamus in Fatal 4-way match. After that Roman Reigns and Finn Balor was gone head to head where Finn Balor defeat Roman reigns wisely and qualified for the WWE Universal Championship. Moreover Finn has also been the champion of foreign championships like NJPW, NWA British and once in the NXT champion under the WWE singings.


Hence we have reached at the conclusion for who will win WWE Universal Championship belt at Summerslam 2023. We have took a short glance on both the opponents and have seen that by experience the Seth Rollins is better than the Finn Balor, while the Finn has also have acclaimed in other professional wrestling. Both have defeat the Roman Reigns who was the world heavy weight champion. So the prediction is somehow tricky to conclude that who will hold the WWE Universal Championship belt. But as per my conclusions this belt will goes in the name of Seth Rollins. But speculations are only predictions with their records and the final result will be in front of us after the match has been ended. So keep on watching and keep on attached for the Summerslam 2023 on Sunday 21st August 2023.

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