WWE Shane McMahon Vs Undertaker Live Ten Sports Time, Date In India

WWE Shane Mcmahon Vs Undertaker live ten sports time, date in India is all here. WWE WrestleManai 32, the main event of WWE is going to be take place on 3rd of April, 2023 at AT&T Stadium, Texas. This event will be on air on Ten Sports in US states while in India and Other Asian countries it will not be streamed live on 3rd April. So that is why the repeat telecast will be on air in India by the Ten Sports. Here in this page you will get all the important and interesting statistics about this fight. So keep reading this page for more details about this fight between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker in Raw for WWE Main Event for the WrestleMania 32.

The very interesting turn of this match is that the Shane McMahon has returned the WWE since 2009 on the invitation from his father Vincent McMahon. Lastly there both Vince and Shane has been discussed over the WWE to hold the Raw and his father suggest him to returned to WrestleMania so that he could hold the control of Raw. After Shane’s acceptance this father Vince being chairman of Raw, Named The Undertaker as Shane’s opponent and made the match a Hell in a Cell match in WWE Main Event on Saturday, 3rd April, 2023.

WWE Shane McMahon Vs Undertaker Live Ten Sports Time, Date In India

WWE Shane McMahon Vs Undertaker Live Ten Sports Time, Date In India

Opponents: The Undertaker VS Shane McMahon

(If Shane McMahon wins this fight he will hold the control of Raw)

TV Chanel for Live in India: Ten Sports

Date and Time in India

It is been suspected that this match will be live in India but not yet confirmed. If it is not live on air in India on 3rd April, then it will be repeat telecast

  • Monday 4th April, 2023 by 06: 00 PM
  • Wednesday 06th April, 2023 By 09: 00 PM
  • Sunday 10th April, 2023 By 02: 00 PM

Shane McMahon Vs The UnderTaker Fight Results

Who will Win This Fight Prediction?

Well predicting the winner is not so tough by seeing the records of both of the contenders. Of course The Undertaker has been in the WWE since 1990 and has won the title of World Heavy weight Champion in Hell in A Cell matches. While on the other hand the Shane McMahon is not as much experienced as The Undertaker is. More over Taker is heavy weight champion and have beaten the Shane lastly on 23rd April where Shane was defeated by his father. So now this time as per the records The Undertaker will win this fight. But the results are to be waited till the 3 count.

So this is all about WWE Shane McMahon Vs Undertaker live ten sports time, date in India.

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