8 Sizzling Holiday-Themed Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Christmas Quickie

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and spending quality time with loved ones. However, amidst the family gatherings and festive dinners, couples often find themselves craving a quiet and passionate moment alone. The good news is that you don’t have to let your intimate desires take a backseat during the holidays. In fact, a little holiday quickie can be the perfect stress relief and a wonderful gift for both you and your partner. Speaking of gift, you can pick some special christmas gift for your partner in here.So, let’s unwrap some pleasure with these eight holiday-themed sex positions designed for comfort, convenience, and maximum enjoyment.

1.Santa’s Little Helper

Setting: Sneak away to a private space.

Position: Have the male sit with his legs spread, while the female sits on his lap, facing away. This position offers convenience, as there’s no need to fully undress, just in case someone unexpectedly walks in.

2.The Open Sleigh

Setting:Use several pillows to support your upper body.

Position: One partner gets on their hands and knees with pillows under their upper body for support, while the other partner kneels behind, lifting the lower partner’s legs on either side of their hips. This position allows for intense orgasms and simultaneous stimulation of sensitive areas.

3.Deck The Halls

Setting: This standing position can be done in any open space.

Position: In this intimate position, the woman positions herself against the wall, her body turned toward her partner. One of her legs gracefully rises, resting on the side of the man, while the other remains gently grounded. This arrangement not only facilitates deep penetration but also ensures a stable and balanced connection between the two lovers.

4.Holiday Doggy Style

Setting:Make sure you’re in a position where you can easily stimulate each other’s and can end it quickly.

Position: In this passionate stance, the receiver’s legs are slightly bent for comfort. The other partner lovingly enters from behind and provides support to the receiver, creating an intimate bond between them. This position not only grants easy access to the clitoris, heightening pleasure, but it also offers the flexibility to gracefully transition out of it if desired.

5.          The Stocking Stuffer

Setting: Use a flat space such as bed.

Position: The male stands while the female lies on her back but elevated, with her legs straight up against his body. This position allows for deep penetration without the need to remove all clothing, making it ideal for a quick and passionate encounter.This position is also very suitable for use with sex toys.

6.The Hot Chocolate Spoon

Setting: Cover yourself and your partner and get comfortable.

Position: Embrace the cozy familiarity of the spooning position as you nestle together and sensually wrap the covers around your hips. In this intimate arrangement, both partners can enjoy the pleasures of grinding and gentle thrusting. The added layer of the covers creates a sense of seclusion, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to introduce an element of power play into their intimate encounter.

7.The Elf On The Shelf

Setting: Ideal for those short on time or space.

Position: Find a comfortable statement as you stand with one foot confidently grounded on the floor while the other leg gracefully bends, resting upon a nearby couch, chair, or a surface at knee level. Your partner takes their place, standing facing you within the embrace of your inviting legs. This enticing position doesn’t demand a complete disrobing and ensures convenient accessibility for an exhilarating and passionate encounter.

8.Jingle Bells

Setting: Get into the holiday spirit.

Position: Experience a delightful position that fosters intimate connection and joyful exploration. Here, the male lies comfortably on his back, providing a welcoming canvas for the female partner. She takes the lead, sitting gracefully atop him, with the freedom to face towards him for a close, heartfelt connection or choose to face the other way, igniting the excitement from a different angle. This position not only encourages intimacy but also ensures easy access to spark some festive jingling of your own.


Remember that the holidays are all about spreading love and joy, and that includes celebrating your intimate connection with your partner. These holiday-themed sex positions are perfect for quickies that can add a touch of excitement and pleasure to your festive season. So, sneak away, find a moment of privacy, and indulge in some passionate holiday cheer. After all, an orgasm might just be the best gift you receive this Christmas!

The holiday season is a time of togetherness, joy, and celebration, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to enjoy some intimate moments with your partner. Amidst the chaos of family gatherings and festive dinners, these eight holiday-themed sex positions offer a quick and pleasurable way to connect with your loved one. From Santa’s Little Helper for convenience to The Stocking Stuffer for deep penetration, these positions cater to various desires and scenarios. So, as you navigate the holiday hustle and bustle, don’t forget to steal away for a passionate holiday quickie. After all, the best gift you can give and receive this Christmas might just be an unforgettable orgasmic experience.

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