Asia Cup Qualifier Schedule 2022

Asia Cup Qualifier Schedule 2022 Match Wise shall display here at this page to make sure the assistance according to the relevance approach. 2022 Asia cup tournament will start soon but at the same time there is association that is being explained through international cricket council. The first qualifier match will be played on Kinara Oval, bayuemas Oval and UKM Oval. There are three matches on 29 August 2022 Wednesday. Kinrara Oval venue considers UAE Vs Nepal, Hong Kong Vs Singapore and Malaysia Vs Oman.

These three matches will be played on 30 august 2022 on Thursday. After these 2 days continuous matches, on 31 august 2022 there is rest day. 1st September 2022 on Saturday there are three matches again between Oman Vs Singapore, Malaysia Vs Nepal, UAE Vs Hong kong on three different venues. The first venue is Kinrara Oval, second Bayuemas Oval and Third is UKM oval.

Asia Cup Qualifier Schedule 2022

Date Asia Cup 2022 Qualifier Fixtures Venue
Wed 29-Aug Malaysia vs Hong Kong Kinrara Oval
Nepal vs Oman Bayuemas Oval
UAE vs Singapore UKM Oval
Thu 30-Aug UAE vs Nepal Kinrara Oval
Hong Kong vs Singapore Bayuemas Oval
Malaysia vs Oman UKM Oval
Fri 31-Aug Rest Day
Sat 1-Sep Oman vs Singapore Kinrara Oval
Malaysia vs Nepal Bayuemas Oval
UAE vs Hong Kong UKM Oval
Sun 2-Sep Hong Kong vs Oman Kinrara Oval
Malaysia vs UAE Bayuemas Oval
Nepal vs Singapore UKM Oval
Mon 3-Sep Rest Day
Tue 4-Sep Malaysia vs Singapore Kinrara Oval
UAE vs Oman Bayuemas Oval
Nepal vs Hong Kong UKM Oval
Wed 5-Sep Rest Day
Thu 6-Sep FINAL: 1st vs 2nd Place Team Kinrara Oval

The committee of administrators CoA as well as board of control for cricket India (BCCI) has make arrangement to conduct the Asian cup 2022. The board of control for cricket In India is considering BCCI officials at best as possible. All funding to manage events in the Asia cup qualifier schedule 2022 by Asia Cricket council known as ACC. It is organized tournament that is showing the ACC activeness at this point.

Asia Cup Qualifier Schedule 2022

Asia Cup Qualifier Schedule 2022 announced

The role of advisor and detailed report post consultation perfectly manages the event according the defined way out. It is utmost desire of tournament management to avoid any event link IPL in 2009 when tournament was moved to South Africa. shall get the update for you in all upcoming tournaments. Ethnicity of Asia Cup 2022 will remain same here. Under the strict option, any regulatory measure can be helpful to make the event successful. The BCCI officials are taking interest in the move but still there is hope for the good efforts so far. It is all about the Asia Cup 2022 Qualifier Fixtures with match symmetry.

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