How to Design a Custom T-Shirt in the Easiest Manner?

For many of us, our T-shirts are so beloved we continue to wear them despite the tee showing signs of wear and tear. We can’t…just can’t throw our beloved tee away!

T-shirt isn’t just a garment. It’s our tool for expressing ourselves, for connecting with the world. For many businesses, the humble tee is one of their hottest marketing tools!

With such an attachment to a tee, it makes sense to spend some time designing it. After all, it must match your style. It must beautifully or boldly convey your message. A custom T-shirt is a garment to wear. You just can’t be seen not wearing it!

Some of you might be scratching your heads and wondering, “Why should I customize my tee; I love it plain, just the way it is.”

Here are a few mind-blowing reasons to design a tee:

  • Custom apparel is in vogue. In fact, custom T-shirts are one of the hottest garments around. Custom shirt printing industry is flourishing like never before.
  • If you are a business, it is a sin to ask, “Why should I customize?” Customized apparel serves as one of the most effective and economical advertising tools.
  • Custom tees can commemorate an event, especially CSR (corporate social responsibility) events.
  • It can increase the fun of social events like picnics or parties. Imagine everybody around wearing a common-themed tee.
  • It makes you stand out in the crowd.
  • A custom tee, depending on its design or text, grabs attention.
  • You can speak your mind without actually speaking by scribbling the message on your tee.
  • Custom tees are super cool!

You can reflect a simple state of mind on your tee. For example, you are feeling happy. Wear a tee that says, “I Am Happy.” Or you could design a smiley on it.

It’s exciting to design a tee. Just make sure you find a competent designer who can transfer your thoughts on the tee through their terrific design.

Reaching for your wallet, eh?

Does the thought of customizing a tee make you reach out for your wallet? Well, you are probably thinking about how much it will cost. To your surprise, customizing a humble tee does not hurt your wallet. It may be costlier than buying a plain tee, but certainly not out of your budget.

In fact, if you wish to design for an event and want greater numbers of tees, you save more money. Placing an order in bulk proves to be more cost-effective.

How to design a tee?

Here are the smart steps:

  1. Know why you want to design:

Is it for an event or a social cause, or simply for fashion? Do you want to make a bold statement or stay modest but stylish? Do you want a loud image or text? Or do you believe in sublime images? Do you want to gift the custom T-shirt to someone?

The “why” will help you choose a suitable design.

  1. Know your budget:

Printing cost depends on the quantity, printing method used, choice of printer, and other such factors.

A design with multiple colors costs more than a design with one or two colors.

Some printing methods use sophisticated machines, while some are traditional methods that can be inexpensive. However, certain methods can be used only on natural fabrics like cotton.

  1. Choose a printing method:

Two factors decide the method:

  • Type of fabric
  • Your budget

Also, some printers may promise you fabulous designs at discounts or minimal costs. Beware of very cheap printers, as it is not possible to be so cheap in printing. The printing process requires state-of-the-art machines such as inkjet printers and so on. How can they be cheap?

Avoid ending up with mediocre printers in your attempt to save money. Make sure you are only with the most reputable printing shops. Prestige XL2 DTF printer is a good option if you’re looking for both affordability and quality in your printing projects, ensuring you don’t compromise on the final results while staying within your budget.

Names like Custom Shirt Printings are in the spotlight due to their creative designs, timely delivery, and competitive prices. They use various methods for printing such as Direct-to-Film printing, Direct-to-Garment printing, Screen printing, and others. They also provide embroidered T-shirts.

  1. Choose a design:

Cartoons, animals, floral prints, gothic style, 3D, voxel, rainbow colors, feathers, landscape, and repeated text are a few of the hottest styles at present.

If you want to write a message, you can choose to be funny, serious, weird, bold, or simply a statement such as “The World is a Beautiful Place, Choose Your Glasses Right.”

Businesses that want to have their logos or tagline on the T-shirt can choose to embroider them, as it looks beautiful and neat.

  1. Choose a designer:

Those who wish to design a custom T-shirt in the easiest manner must choose a professional designer. Forget DIY. With a reputable custom T-shirt shop, you can design your tee in three easy steps:

  • Create your design or choose from a variety of designs provided by the shop
  • Place your order
  • Get your custom tee delivered to your doorstep

With such an easy way of designing apparel, why take the pain of doing it yourself? Moreover, if you are in a hurry and want the garment within a short time, contacting a professional is the best thing to do. Businesses looking to design bulk garments can benefit from contacting the pros.


Designing a tee is no cumbersome task. It’s easy. It’s fun. With creative designers by your side, you can never be in a dearth of ideas. The availability of printing shops online has made designing apparel easier.

So, bring out those plain tees and transform them into amazing garments. Of course, you can keep a few plain ones if you want. But you ought to have a custom T-shirt in your wardrobe if you call yourself a fashionista.

Design polo shirts, hoodies, outerwear, sweatshirts, and more. Talk with designers directly. Whether you wish for a tiny logo on one side of the tee or wish for a spread-out design, the design team is here to transfer your ideas into designs.

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