How to get into showbiz without going to university

Whether you’ve a passion for the limelight, or simply want to leave a legacy behind, leave your mark. Many of us have the desire within to get into showbiz and get their 15 minutes of fame, but hold ourselves back as we don’t want to pursue higher education for it. 

This post is going to take you through some ways to get into showbiz without needing to pursue higher education. 

Leveraging socials

Social media can be a powerful tool for getting into the world of showbiz, from comedians to actors. You can start out by merely doing skits, which can help give you a reputation that you can take elsewhere. 

A great example of this is Mo the comedian, an influencer that was originally doing short videos for Instagram and Tiktok, securing his first official comedy show in collaboration with Netflix. 

Similarly, these same humble beginnings can also get you opportunities as an actor. Vine star King Bach, also landed himself a position in a few shows and movies, all from initially posting videos online. Crazy right?

The same can be said for pretty much anything in relation to showbusiness, if you’re a great singer or rapper, see if you can go viral with a video or two, if you’re a budding comedian, post some skits and see how they perform. If you don’t try you’ll never know, you could be the next big thing!

The humble voice over

Contrary to popular belief, voice overs don’t need to actually go to higher education to be able to start a career in the art. With all you need to start initially being only a microphone and some recording software, a voice over can quickly gain experience by working with a voice booking agency to build their portfolio. 

Once you get your first few gigs in, you can dabble in different projects including but not limited to commercial voice over, audiobook narration, elearning tutorials and corporate videos. If you’re particularly quirky with it you can explore the options for animation voice overs and such as for the likes of video game characters also. 

For you to get into the showbiz aspect of voice over artistry, it’s best to work with an agency initially to get your reputation up and running, alternatively you can work with an agent who can try to match you with potential projects. 

Becoming a voice over can be a great way of getting into showbiz, whilst remaining relatively lowkey, but still able to claim your 15 minutes of fame. 

The self-made artist

Much like with voice over, a recording artist doesn’t need a degree in music to, well, make great music. Independent artists can make a living off their music so long as they get enough streams. 

Should you be niche enough to appeal to a certain audience, you can attract many regular listeners and make a living without the need for a university degree. That being said, it takes a lot of work, and you need around 1 million streams to make a respectable amount of money back from that. 

That being said, with the right dedication, you can make yourself into an artist that not only will make money from music, but also from promotional deals coming from the brands that choose to work with you with your earned status. It’s important to stress though, that the very best of artists are in fact years in the making, sometimes decades. 

Getting into showbiz without university

We hope you enjoyed this post about how to get into showbiz without having to go to university. You shouldn’t have to spend years of your life in expensive education just to have your 15 minutes of fame, and you don’t have to. 

If you’ve any opinions or anything to add on the topic, feel free to drop a comment below!

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