Why Georgia is a Good Place to Study MBBS for Indian Students?

Georgia, located in Eurasia’s Caucasus region, is an economically prosperous and sparsely populated nation with a population of roughly 4 million people. It has an excellent infrastructure, a temperate climate, sophisticated healthcare facilities, a first-rate school system, and cheap living circumstances for international students.

Reasons to choose Georgia to study MBBS

Europe has long been the ideal location for higher education and professional courses due to its world-renowned research infrastructure, high literacy rate, and support of a world-class education system, which draws the majority of foreign students, including Indian students.

Hence, let us have a look at the various reasons to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students.


One of the most basic reasons to relocate to Georgia is the low cost of education. Georgia provides low-cost MBBS education to individuals who wish to study overseas. It also provides up to a 50% discount on travel, which decreases students’ daily expenses, giving Indian students an advantage.

MCI and WHO recognized: 

Around 18 medical universities in Georgia are recognized by MCI and WHO, allowing Indian students to study medicine in Georgia and practice it in India. Furthermore, the medical education is of the highest caliber.


Safety is the most important factor for Indian students, particularly girls.  Georgia has exceptionally low crime rates, making it a safe area to live. Male and female dormitories are segregated in institutions, making it easier and more pleasant for Indian students to dwell. Even to go to distant locations, public transit is available, making travel simple and convenient.

No Entrance Examinations: 

Unlike Indian colleges, which need students to pass the NEET, Georgian institutions provide admission based on grades in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 12th grade. Admission to these colleges is predicted to be at least 50%, making the application process uncomplicated.

PR Application: 

Studying MBBS in Georgia includes the possibility to apply for PR while in your third year. Other courses do not have this chance. Additionally, students may be able to pursue post-graduate studies here.

Make English your primary language: 

The priority teaching language in Georgia is English, making it simple for Indian students to apply for this position.

Quality Infrastructure: 

Georgian medical universities have high-quality infrastructure, which not only serves as a recruiting tool but also demonstrates the high level of education provided. The medical infrastructure and technology are also quite modern, allowing students to keep their hands in the actual world from the start by undertaking experiments and clinical clerkships.

Easy housing: 

Even if the expense of living in Georgia is not as expensive as in European countries, Georgia offers the best housing to students, whether it is a hostel, dorm, or PGs within or outside the institution. Along with the lodging, the college has excellent Indian cuisine facilities and some of the best Indian eateries in the city.

Georgia MBBS Fees for Indian Students

The MBBS in Georgia lasts 5+1 years, giving students the option to learn more about the course for an additional year. Furthermore, colleges assist students in getting practical knowledge rather than only academic information, which leads to their general growth in all domains.

MBBS in Georgia for Indian students fall around INR 36,00,000 for six years, or $5000-$8000 each year. The low course fees and low cost of living make it an ideal location for Indian students seeking higher education. 


Georgian universities are certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and are recognized by MCI, UNESCO, and WHO, bringing the greatest educational facilities. These colleges are also distinguished by their low cost of living, excellent internship opportunities, high-quality education, and lack of contributions, among other factors.

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