Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 in Pakistan

Football fans of Pakistan want to know Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 in Pakistan so here in this article, we will guide them about Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 in Pakistan so they can enjoy FIFA matches. Sports keep the life of people much more active, enthusiastic, and lively. They grant pleasure to the people. Some people are crazy when it comes to their favorite sport. There are a number of sports that are played, watched, and enjoyed by a plethora of people around the globe.

Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 in Pakistan

For people in Pakistan, it is informed that they can watch their favorite matches on different social media platforms. Officially the people living in Qatar can watch it on the Alkass TV Channel of their own country. But FIFA has launched its own application that can be downloaded from the play store and people in Pakistan can also easily watch the matches. Similarly, the YouTube channel is also showing the world cup matches and that is easy access for the people of Pakistan. Hope now you get the answer to Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 in Pakistan.

FIFA World Cup Live Streaming online free:

The people of Pakistan can also watch the live streaming of the matches on different channels and the TV Broadcasts such as:

  • PTV Sports
  • Ten Sports
  • Ary Digital
  • A-ports

Among all PTV (Pakistan Television) is the official channel of Pakistan which broadcasts all the international and national games for its national viewers. 

Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 in Pakistan

Apps to watch FIFA world cup 2023 free: 

Some online applications are also available where people can watch the matches. They include the following:

  • Jazz Tamasha

Both of these applications give a live broadcast of the matches. Android, as well as iPhone users, can download the application and enjoy watching their favorite matches.

FIFA World Cup timing in Pakistan

The time between Pakistan and Qatar Differs by a few hours.  While if we keep in Mind Pakistan’s time then according to it the

Football matches are played at 9:00 P.M. at night. The perfect time for football lovers. They may have arrived home after completing their work and jobs and they can then easily enjoy watching their favorite sport. 

FIFA Craze in Pakistan: 

The people of Pakistan are equally crazy about the FIFA Football men’s world cup as any other nation as. They would also love to watch their favorite players and teams competing with each other on a kind of battlefield that’s why the People of Pakistan want to know Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 in Pakistan. The people living in Pakistan can also easily watch Football matches online. 

FIFA World Cup Venue 2022 : 

The matches of the FIFA world cup are being played in Qatar. And a total of eight stadiums are booked in five different cities of Qatar to conduct matches. The total time frame of these matches is set at around 29 days. Qatar, as a host of this popular game, is being criticized by the world, especially Western World. The West may never let such a massive event occur at any Islamic State but Qatar has spent around 200 Billion rupees to make this world cup successful. And it is one of the most expensive World Cups in the history of the Games. 

Other Popular Games:

Some of the most popular games which are played and watched include:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Basketball, etc. The list goes on.

Cricket and Football are the most loved games of all. Round the year crazy fans get a chance to see their favorite players play on the ground. The Officials keep on conducting World cups after a duration of particular years and the viewers enjoy it to the fullest. Well recently, we enjoyed the thrill and glam of the Cricket T20 World Cup and now we are going to witness some fantastic football matches as FIFA WORLD Cup is being played in Qatar.

FIFA stands for Federation International de Football Association. It is conducting a men’s Football tournament in Qatar. Numerous teams are taking part in the tournament. The tournament is expected to be played between November 20, 2023, till 18 December 2023. A total number of 32 teams are playing in this world cup this year. And it is expected that in the next tournament in the year 2026, around 42 teams will be participating.


THE FIFA FOOTBALL world cup is the most celebrated world cup around the Globe. People from different regions of the world are being gathered in Qatar to enjoy watching Football matches. The crowd is really showing a good sportsmen spirit and is loving to be a part of a such massive event. Here we give a brief detail about Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2023 in Pakistan.

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