Which Alcohols Have the Highest Sugar Content?

Have you thought about altering your lifestyle to manage your diabetes much better? You have actually removed desserts as well as delicious chocolate from your normal diet plan. Still, how will you control your alcohol intake? There is a varying sugar level in different types of alcohol. Which alcohol has a high sugar content? Find a brief guide before choosing your alcoholic beverages below.

Sugar content in vodka

A prominent distilled alcohol, vodka has a high level of pureness and also clearness. The distillery uses rye or wheat fermentation as a production process. The distillation technique removes residual sugar and impurities. Traditional vodka does not contain a high sugar amount. But, if you buy flavoured vodka, there is around 10 gms of sugar in 1.5 oz of the drink. When consumed as vodka shots, your sugar intake will be on the rise.

Sugar content in wine

Depending on the wine style and type, you will find variations in the sugar content. Dessert wines have a high level of sugar. 1 glass of dry wine contains less than 1 gm of sugar. For medium-dry wines, it is more than 1 gm.

As the fermentation process is stopped early, it allows wines to retain more sugar. You have to understand the differences between various types of wines to identify the sugar content. 

The sugar level in whiskey

The distilled spirit is made from wheat and other grains. After distillation, the beverage contains no sugar. But, flavoured whiskeys have flavouring agents and a considerable amount of sugar. Scotch and bourbon are some types of whiskeys with varied sugar levels.

Does rum have sugar?

There are different views about the sugar content in rum. The sugarcane-derived rum is a sweeter spirit. Some consumers choose rum as the dessert. The finished rum is not fully sugar-free. Only a small quantity of sugar is added to achieve the desired flavour. The use of sugar makes the rum slightly darker. On the contrary, light rum has dryer bodies. Most rum companies do not advertise sugar content and calorie percentage in their products. Still, when you buy 700ml bottles of rum, you should try to check the sugar content.

How do alcohols with high sugar affect your health?

If your regular sugar intake is high, you may become obese. Sugary drinks have no nutrients essential to your body. What’s more, increased sugar consumption also leads to the risk of cardiac disease. You may also have insulin resistance and inflammation if you consume a higher amount of sugar regularly.

Moreover, intake of sugary alcohol may cause dental cavities. Your tooth enamel will have signs of decay over time. So, you have to be careful while drinking alcoholic beverages.

You have now understood how alcoholic drinks contain varying levels of sugar. If you are a diabetic patient, look for spirits with a comparatively low sugar content. Never drink alcohol when you have an empty stomach. With food in your tummy, you can reduce alcohol absorption. So, your drinking habits will not affect your blood glucose level.

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