3 Love-light Comedy About Love Teach You to Fall in Love

Love is the most beautiful melody in the world, played in two loving hearts. Love is the eternal topic of humanity. There are some https://www.99reel.com/news/15-romantic-trips-with-movies-like-how-to-lose-a-guy-in-10-days/ have seen recently. Recommend some love-light comedy movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days; each one has a different feeling after watching. May you all learn how to love and continue to grow in love?

Movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

1. Rolling to You

Joslan was a mild-mannered, wealthy businessman who indulged himself in the company of countless women. He pretended to be disabled and approached the new female neighbor. But this girl has a real disabled sister, Florence. Later, Joslan began to be attracted to Florence’s heart. He fell in love with the disabled girl. But he also knows that if the deception is exposed, the relationship between the two will be destroyed.

Joslan has always been a disgusting playboy because he refused to accept his inferiority. He repeatedly delayed and lied to have a longer time with Florence. In the end, Florence forgives him and ends the love story. Love allows people to understand themselves and others better, thus promoting personal growth and development.

2. Bridget Jones’s Diary

What will be the exciting story of Bridget Jones, a single woman living in the West End of London, who struggles to find Mr. Right? The girl has an average appearance and an average figure. After a period of unrequited love, she was actually liked by two handsome men. One was Mr. Darcy, with whom she had grown up, who was a dashing, upright barrister. The other is an engaged playboy boss. Finally, BJ got rid of the cheating philandering man and married the lawyer.

When we were young, we always had a good imagination of love, like the romance of “only enough to love one person in a lifetime,” and yearned for the love of “a couple in a lifetime.” But when I grew up, I found it easy to meet but challenging to love. The age of love comes unexpectedly, and love does not stop and stay. True love is never because of a person who lets themselves become inferior and lonely, but should be because of him; they have the power and courage to continue to move forward.

3. Finding Your Feet

Sandler has been married for 40 years. During this time, she and her husband have not had any disputes, but they have loved each other. She trusted her husband deeply. However, one day, she was shocked to find that her husband not only had an affair, but the object of the affair was even her best friend. Heartbroken and angry, she leaves and travels to London to find her sister, Biff.

Although they are sisters, Biff’s personality differs significantly from Sandler’s. Biff is naturally passionate, outgoing, and very good at expressing her mood through body language. Sandler decided to take dance lessons with his sister. While dancing, Sandler, who had repressed her entire life, finally found an outlet for her emotions.

What comes to mind when you say “in love”? Quarrel, sweet, bitter? Noooo! It is by no means so limited. So how do you keep love romantic and courageous all the time? These light love comedies answer:

1. Break the stereotype.

2. Seek the solution of love.

3. Let the ambiguity upgrade.

4. Let the love be sweet.

The beginning of love comes from mutual appreciation like a person is often an instant thing. A smile, a word, or even a casual gesture from him can make your heart beat faster. A good relationship, whether the ending is good or bad, will leave a deep memory. Love is a school; it teaches us to grow up, but it also teaches us to cherish.

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