ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Schedule Time Table Pakistan

Everyone waiting for ICC T20 World Cup 2023  because ICC going to organize the T20 world cup. Now The people are really excited as the Men’s T20 World cup is around the corner. The world cup was actually planned for the year 2023. But due to the pandemic and other factors, it was postponed. But now the International Cricket Council (ICC) has presented the idea that the world cup will be held in the year 2023. The world Cup is now scheduled to be played in Australia. The world Cup dates are announced as 16 October till 13 November 2023. It is going to be held in Australia which is also a defending Champion of the T20 World Cup. Further, info about ICC T20 World Cup 2023 is given below along with complete details.

ICC T20 World Cup 2023

The Sydney Cricket ground is the venue for the defending champions and other kinds of first super 12 group stage. The match-to-match approach will consider here to make the reality towards the New Zealand way out to remain intact about beating England in the final in dramatic addition of the T20 World Cup. The Melbourne venue was selected for the competition in 2023 so get the ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Schedule Time Table Pakistan. The schedule over here includes both ICC women’s T20 World Cup even Men’s T20 World Cup matches.

ICC T20 World Cup Teams 2023

The most anticipated world cup of the year will be held between the top 16 teams of the world. Out of those 16 teams, the 12 teams will reach the Super 12 Phase, and then the exact competition to reach the trophy will be started. The super 12 teams will be arranged in two groups with 6 teams each. And they will compete to get the top positions in their respective groups so that they can qualify for the semi-Finals and finals. The 16 Teams that will be competing for the Trophy are listed as follows:

New ZealandSouth Africa
West IndiesAustralia
Sri LankaZimbabwe
United Aram EmiratesScotland

Sports are an integral part of the life of every human. Some like to play sports while some simply like to watch others playing. Sports have proved very beneficial. They keep a person physically fit and also provide amusement to the ones who are watching it too. Sports keep a person busy. It gives a person a feeling of confidence and willpower. It helps to develop a sportsman spirit and particularly the players learn to play in teams and to develop bonds with each other. It also makes their communication skills better.

ICC T20 World Cup 2023


ICC T20 World Cup 2023 Groups

Group ARound 1Namibia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates
Group BRound 1Ireland, Scotland, West Indies, and Zimbabwe
Group 1Super 12sAfghanistan, Australia, England, and New Zealand
Group 2Super 12sBangladesh, India, Pakistan, and South Africa

ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2023

Match DateMatch CentreTime in ISTStadiumVenue
16-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS Namibia9:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
16-Oct-2022UAE VS Netherlands1:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
17-Oct-2022West Indies VS Scotland9:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
17-Oct-2022Zimbabwe VS Ireland1:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
18-Oct-2022Namibia VS Netherlands9:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
18-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS the UAE1:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
19-Oct-2022Scotland VS Ireland9:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
19-Oct-2022West Indies VS Zimbabwe1:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
20-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS Netherlands9:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
20-Oct-2022Namibia VS the UAE1:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
21-Oct-2022West Indies VS Ireland9:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
21-Oct-2022Scotland VS Zimbabwe1:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart

ICC T20 World Cup Group 1 Fixtures

Match DateMatch CentreTime in ISTStadiumVenue
22-Oct-2022Australia vs New Zealand12:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
22-Oct-2022England vs Afghanistan4:30 PMPerth StadiumBurswood
23-Oct-2022A1 vs B29:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
25-Oct-2022Australia vs A14:30 PMPerth StadiumBurswood
26-Oct-2022England vs B29:30 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
26-Oct-2022New Zealand vs Afghanistan1:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
28-Oct-2022Afghanistan vs B29:30 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
28-Oct-2022England vs Australia1:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
29-Oct-2022New Zealand vs A11:30 PMSydney Cricket groundSydney
31-Oct-2022Australia vs B21:30 PMThe GabbaBrisbane
1-Nov-2022Afghanistan vs A19:30 AMThe GabbaBrisbane
1-Nov-2022England vs New Zealand1:30 PMThe GabbaBrisbane
4-Nov-2022New Zealand vs B29:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
4-Nov-2022Australia vs Afghanistan1:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
5-Nov-2022England vs A11:30 PMSydney Cricket groundSydney

ICC T20 World Cup Group 2 Fixtures and Venues

Match DateMatch CentreTime in ISTStadiumVenue
23-Oct-2022India vs Pakistan1:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
24-Oct-2022Bangladesh vs A29:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
24-Oct-2022South Africa vs B11:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
27-Oct-2022South Africa vs Bangladesh8:30 AMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
27-Oct-2022India vs A212:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
27-Oct-2022Pakistan vs B14:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
30-Oct-2022Bangladesh vs B18:30 AMThe GabbaBrisbane
30-Oct-2022Pakistan vs A212:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
30-Oct-2022India vs South Africa4:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
2-Nov-2022B1 vs A29:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2-Nov-2022India vs Bangladesh1:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
3-Nov-2022Pakistan vs South Africa1:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
6-Nov-2022South Africa vs A25:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
6-Nov-2022Pakistan vs Bangladesh9:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
6-Nov-2022India vs B11:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne

ICC T20 World Cup Final 2023

Match DateMatch CentreTime in ISTStadiumVenue
9-Nov-2022Semifinal 11:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
10-Nov-2022Semifinal 21:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
13-Nov-2022Final1:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne

The Men’s T20 World Cup and the Women’s T20 World Cup remain scheduled here according to the job-to-job approach. The 16 teams taking part in Men’s T20 World Cup remain in the Women’s T20 World Cup across the top-ranked Pakistani Cricket Team. The opening match will be most thrilling indeed.

The Women’s T20 World Cup means a lot with the top-ranked Pakistani Cricket team as well as the Australian Cricket team all about the ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2023 Schedule Pakistan. The Opening Match will be perfect in every manner and ensure that it makes eight high-ranked teams as per the direct dealing with the qualification and approach. The ICC T20 approaches Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is known for the qualifiers with respect to the participants as per the round qualifiers. Every match in T20 World Cup has its own way out to remain in the team to the team approach.

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